Friday, November 30, 2012

its been far too long

I’m still kicking.

I’ve been super busy since I last wrote.

things just tend to take off in the summer and come fall…well it didn’t really slow down.

I’m on the road right now. we’re headed to moab, ut to run a 10K. more on that later. I promise.

so many fun and exciting things have happened.

I promise I will get you a post on what I was up to this summer including….

-buying our very first house!
-bathroom remodel
-making an rookie backpacking trip to bomber mountain
-saving the forest one burning tree at a time
-making the yearly trip to black mountain lookout.
-running half marathon number 4…and barely surviving.
-the winter sun 10K…that we are currently enroute to.

phew hopefully you all can keep up….and I can hold up to my end of the deal.

see you REAL soon!