About Me

Ta-Da! its meeee! yes I'm a cheesehead. No I have never been to Wisconsin or a professional NFL game for that matter. Yes this item is on my bucket list.

This is my rock, confidence booster, keep me on the ground! He's my best friend. I'm sure he'll be in and out of my adventures as he tends to stay more busy than I am during the winter months.

We are a goldie loving family! We just added a new addition!

this is our new little man, Jaggar!

This is Twogwotee (toe-go-tee) at 7 months. Big sister to Jaggar (about 16 months apart)! My little monster and hiking/adventure seeking buddy (of course when Hubby can't join). Born and raised in Wyoming, we've always had a tradition of naming our puppies after Wyoming locations. Twogwotee Pass is over by Dubois, WY.