Wednesday, June 26, 2013

the run that almost wasn’t

I  almost fell off the wagon today. ALMOST!

but I kept myself accountable and am happy I did.

on today’s marathon training agenda was a short 3 miler.

I typically have clients on wednesday mornings so that gets me out of bed and headed in the right direction.

I had planned on taking all 3 dogs to the gym with me and then heading out and running on a county road just to break up the monotony of 3 miles.

when both my clients cancelled this morning I easily talked myself into sleeping in but still getting up in plenty of time to get my run in.

my alarm went off and I easily reset it. I was using excuses that I shouldn’t have been.

so when I laid in bed until it was too late to get a run in I told myself I would run at my lunch hour.

I spent all morning trying to talk myself into running.

I knew that I wouldn’t regret it if I ran. but I just had to get out there and do it.

it was hot. I was sweaty. my miles were slow. but they got accomplished on my lunch break.

lesson learned. get my ass out of bed and get my miles done in the morning.

M and I are doing 4 tomorrow morning. I cant thank her enough for keeping me accountable for getting my weekly mileage in.

off to ice that pesky ankle.


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