Thursday, June 13, 2013

I finally found my long distance runner

I have only taken sibley for a run once and she was much younger and she didn’t totally hang with me.

she’s always been great when we’ve gone for walks so I decided it was time to take her for another run this morning. I only had 3 miles to accomplish.

I was up fairly early. my calves felt a little tight from yesterdays run. I stretched them out and just hoped they wouldn’t cramp.


sibley wasn’t so sure about leaving big brother and big sister. and the two blondes weren’t happy about being left in the yard as little sister and I took off down the road. I promise I can walk all 3 at the same time, but taking all 3 for a run? 1. jagger wouldn’t make it to the end of the block. and 2. the leashes would be so tangled…I would most definitely eat some serious dirt at some point.


sibley took off right out of the gate. she could hang with me for the most part. she has to run a little faster than twogs to stay in front of me, but she did amazing.

it was getting warm fast already. I was a hot sweaty mess before we even made a mile.


this is my favorite 3 mile running route around my neighborhood. its quiet and low traffic and some great views of the mountain,


wide open spaces!


once we got away from the blondes sibley was much more cooperative to take a picture.

sibley stayed ahead of me for about 2.75 miles and then she started to slow down.


we turned the corner for home and made it back in no time.


the twins were eager to see us and greeted sibley with open arms paws.  I’m sure they were still mad at me though. quickly forgotten though.


its hot. I’m soaked in sweat.

I came inside and immediately stretched and rolled.


my legs felt much better after the run, the stretch and the rolling. maybe a little icing tonight and I’ll be ready for tomorrow’s run!


once sibley got a drink she couldn’t stay off of me. I felt like she was saying “thanks mom! when are we going again?” maybe tomorrow sibley, maybe tomorrow.


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