Sunday, June 23, 2013

crazy horse training week 4

***This post was suppose to go up last night…but the internet was being wonky.***

right now I’m sitting in my mom’s house in cody.

I’ve got hubby and all 3 dogs in tow…or maybe they have me in tow. either way we’re on course for a getaway weekend-ish. I have sunday and monday off so as soon as I clocked out of work tonight we loaded up and headed out. we took the camper up the mountain and found a nice spot for it for upcoming weekends to camp and somewhere to hang out on monday.

we’re going into yellowstone national park tomorrow. we always try to make a yearly yellowstone trip. best place on earth!

before I make you too jealous of my weekend adventures let’s get a review of how last weeks training went.

sunday….my planned 6 turned into just over 7.5


monday was attempted cross training day. I never actually blogged about my workout, but it got completed and wasn’t too terrible. I’m going to try to keep the cross training a regular thing and see how that pesky ankle holds up. I have been rehabbing it after every one of my runs by foam rolling pretty religiously and doing some stretchy band work to try and strengthen the muscles and tendons.

tuesday was on off day. much needed, but I was totally ready to hit the road by wednesday.

wednesday…M, Sibley and I went for a quick 3 miler. when we got back to the gym after our run M told me that it was a fast run. and I totally credit that to her. she has got to be making me faster. plus talking while running has got to do something for the cardio.

thursday…the pups and I headed out for another gorgeous 4 miles in the country.


friday…..was a scheduled 3. my body has just been wanting to run farther and faster. I took twogs with me through town. I had every intention of hitting my 3 and if I was over I was ok with that. I hit mile one at 8:13. mile 2 flew by at an 8:06. mile 3: 7:48. I made it back to the gym with 0.20 to go to hit 4 miles…you bet your sweet ass I hit that 4th mile…at a 7:42. when I reviewed my watch I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had actually negative split 4 miles. and my last two miles were sub 8 minutes! who am I becoming? I may be able to keep up with M for longer than 3 miles soon enough.  I was so happy to have some speed in my legs. my legs even felt fantastic hitting all 4 miles. this whole 3 days of running in a row must be doing something right for my body. its something new….shocking the body!

today…I taught morning fit camp class at the gym and then hustled off to work. I was having a hard time focusing. I wanted to be headed to cody already. the time came soon enough I suppose.

alright week 4 training goals.

sunday-my long run is being moved to monday because we’ll be in yellowstone for the day from before dawn and probably until after dusk.
monday-my planned long run is 7, but since I did 7.5ish last week and I’m doing a 16 mile race in a few weeks I think I’m going to bump it up to 9-10 miles. we’re going to spend monday hanging out in the bighorns since we didn’t get to last week.
tuesday-I may actually turn into a active rest day and try to lift some weights. we’ll see how I feel after my mountain run.
wednesday-3 miles
thursday-4 miles
friday-3 miles

next week my mid week mileage increases again. I am so ready!


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