Monday, January 24, 2011

oh no she didn't!

Oh YES, I did!

After a lot of pep talk and flexing my muscles in the mirrors at the gym...good confidence boost. Try it sometime. Its fun. ;) anywoo...I managed to actually run longer than 30 seconds on the treadmill at the gym. Not to mention...I was at the gym at 0500!

I'll tell you what brought on 0500. Next week I attending a training in Rapid City, SD for a week. Class begins at 8-5 every day. I've noticed that if I don't workout right in the morning...I tend to get super grouchy. I just feel much better after a good session at the gym. So, I was thinking in order to have a positive experience at this training (and enough time to shower) I would need to be in the gym by 0500. We gave it a test run today. Its 1000 as I type this out and I am feeling my energy level decrease by the minute. Not good. I can't be struggling to stay awake in class for 8 hours a day! I may just have to push back my sweat sessions to the night time. Maybe more like 7 or 8 ish. We'll see how today pans out...and maybe attempt tomorrow. The trick here is the multiple days of getting up at 0430. One day I can handle because I can tell myself I just have to make it through the day and can sleep tomorrow.

But, my MORE exciting news. The run.

I did my normal 45 minutes on the elliptical...wait! Let me start with yesterday.

I boosted levels on the elliptical and did 5 extra minutes. Total 45 minutes. I felt really good (and knew Sunday was my rest day for Insanity), I decided that I would just walk on the treadmill for 45 minutes at a fast walk (4.6 mph). I felt really good at about the 15 minutes left mark. I decided to see if I could even run for a steady time. At 12 minutes to go I bumped up the speed to 5.5 mph. I cruised right along. I felt really great when I hit 45 minutes. So I decided that I would bump it up the next time, which was this morning.

I did my 45 on the elliptical. I like doing that first because it warms up my legs and loosens muscle really good. Not so much burn on the walk/run. I busted on over to the treadmill. Walked 15 minutes for a warm-up at 4.7 mph. Then cranked it up to 6.0 mph. Figured I would test out a 10 minute/mile pace. I managed to complete it! I felt really good. I was super proud. I actually did a run for a distance on the treadmill for a fair pace!

I made the drive home and quickly realized...getting out of bed tomorrow morning may not be as fun as I'd like it to be. My right hip joint is already sore! I might have to alternate run days just to give my body a little time to recover. We'll know the real verdict tomorrow when I roll over to go to the gym in the AM.

My time on the treadmill this morning was 4.15 miles in 45 minutes. Boo-ya!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

have no fear... I'm still alive!

I continue to breathe oxygen!

I know you are were worried about me. Since you knew I was starting insanity and knew right and well that I could had you worried.

I have actually survived 4 days of pure insanity. AND (!) I'm still managing to go to the gym and do my normal routine there every morning. Hubby hasn't been going to the gym at nights, because he wants to give it everything he can on insanity (my feeling, not confirmed or denied by him). You see...his schedule...he works 8am-8pm (currently) and so if he doesn't get up and do insanity before work (he did this yesterday. I was so proud.) Then he does it when he gets home at night, BUT roughly 45 minutes of insanity quickly makes the night turn into past bedtimes. And to think if you added on another hour or so AT the gym...he would be lucky to get to bed before midnight.

Fit test time. I about died! I remember it being slightly easier the last time I did this. But I'm connecting that to the fact that I was attempting P90X a few weeks prior to when I started insanity. I made it through the fit test...not with results I expected. I honestly thought I was in better shape than I felt while I was doing the test. I've been pushing myself for the past 4 days to do my best during the workouts. Hubby and I did one together on Tuesday (our living room isn't exactly ideal size for 2 people to do insanity...but we made it work. Yesterday Hubby was at work all day, and he got up before work and completed his workout because he knew he wasn't going to have anytime after work. So I busted out insanity alone...unless you consider the puppy thinking I was playing and was jumping around with me a workout partner?? Today was considered the recovery day. Slower movements, more stretching ("yoga-ish" moves I can actaully do!) and breathing. I think I would rather do the Pure Cardio (15 minutes straight of 15 moves that definitely take your heart rate to another level) rather than recovery. It just simply burns...squats and lunges! OW! I also have learned that I don't have very strong shoulders (I'll take that into consideration when I'm wandering the gym for some weight to lift).

Tomorrow is PURE CARDIO day! Yay! :)

I'm off for some quality snuggle time with Remi Roo.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

complete insanity?

Hey ya'll!

Maybe its more like Hey Janae (since you're still my solo follower).

I've been really doing nothing, and I seriously mean NOTHING productive since the hubby and I returned from our little birthday trip surprise. Its all kind of new to me. I have been managing to go to the gym every morning and then again at night when the hubby gets off of work. I have moved from the bike to doing the elliptical and walking with a weight bag on the treadmill. I'm most definitely no where near close to running a couple miles on the treadmill. I hate those things. I average 30-40 mintutes in the morning with cardio and then another 10-20 minutes of abs. That's really all I want...a nice set of abs! At night when Hubby goes, he has a little workout buddy and I just do my own thing. Usually I find some sporting event on TV and just zone out and the time on the treadmill seems to fly by.

Tomorrow starts a new adventure....or maybe at least re-trying an adventure. You've all heard of P90X? Well...I tried that about a year ago. It was ok. I got super frustrated with the "yoga" portion because I'm not flexible at all...and 90 minutes of moves that I can't do...I struggled through 30 days before I came down with a nasty cold...and the P90X adventure came to a halt. I knew it wasn't something I wanted to purchase (I had a friend that own the program so I just gave it a test run :)). As I was browsing through commercials one day (shortly after I recovered from being sick last year) I came across a program called "Insanity." I watched the little infomercial. And thought "that looks fun, and I can do that! Not that insane yoga crap. Count me in!" So I ordered away. And I started the program as soon as I got it in the mail. It was super challenging, but I felt good after I was done. I have to say...I LOVE INSANITY. It definitely kicks your cardio and strength into great shape without all the extras of lifting weight, or bands. Its just you and your own body weight. The other major difference between this and P90X...Insanity is shorter DVD times and only 60 days instead of 90. I did this program for about 40 days, but then was faced with a tough decision and hit a rough patch in my personal life and lost all motivation for working out.

Since going to the gym everyday is going well. I've decided that I'm going to start Insanity again with hopes of getting a little more muscle tone. I refused to lift weights at the gym when I go, just because I honestly feel like...I don't really lift enough weight to matter. Plus, I don't want to gain a bunch of weight from lifting weights....I just want a little tone/definition in myself.

Insanity has. 5 DVDs that are done Monday-Saturday. I really do have that special calendar hanging on the wall in the living room that tells me what DVD to do what day. Day 1 is considered a "fit test." They go through 8 moves. You do 1 move for a minute and see your max reps. Repeat for each move. You do the fit test every (about) 15 days. Its nice to see the improvements...even if you can't see it in your body image.

Hubby has decided to attempt Insanity with me also. He already did his fit test. I was there, on the couch, cheering him on. :)

Did I also mention...the people IN the DVD are dying right along with you? Its great! They've been through the program...and still struggle with some moves. So they aren't like "super-people" who make you feel like a dumbass when you're struggling to do some moves.

I'm really excited to start the program. I'm praying I make it through the whole program. My still go to the gym every morning and do my normal routine. Then, come home and do Insanity immediately (remember: I'm currently unemployed). And still go to the gym with the hubby if and when he still goes. After all we are still paying for a membership and its nice to have some variety.

I'll be sure to update with the fit test results...that is if I'm not completely embarrassed by the initial results!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

birthday surprises!

Aron and I were off on our next surprise destination on the morning of the 3rd. I had a hunch we were headed south to Thermopolis, WY. And I was right when we pulled into the hotel parking lot. I got pretty suspicious when we went to lunch and Hubby order a healthy sandwich. I knew someone else was a long for the ride on this trip.


One of my BFFs drove from Casper to stay a night with us! She spent the 3rd with us and half of the day on the 4th! I can't thank her enough for making the 2 hour drive!

We spent the afternoon of the 3rd at the hot springs pool lounging and relaxing. I love soaking in the "lobster pot" at 104 degrees. Sure soothes those sore muscles.

This is Hubby's token appetizer. I think he only orders crab stuffed mushrooms because he doesn't have to worry about me eating any of them.

We enjoyed a dinner and drinks at the Safari Club inside the Days Inn.

We even had a bunch of dinner guests with free entertainment.

After dinner on the 3rd, we tried to go bowling but they actually had leagues in this little town. So we went back to the hotel and just relaxed. We did, however order room service! First time for any of us.

We got a holiday package with the hotel which included a bottle of champagne.

We went for another dip on the morning of the 4th had some lunch and then it was time for the BFF to head back to Casper (insert sad face). Hubby had set up a nice relaxing hot rock massage for me in the afternoon. I went to my massage and then he had one right after. I went back to the room to relax from my massage while he was getting his. I walked into the room, walked around the corner...

My mom and sister had come down for the afternoon! I was slightly frightened when they yelled "surprise!" and quickly determined....I would need another massage. They came with a cake. So while Hubby was getting pampered...we ate cake. Once he was done we headed over to the hot springs to soak one more time! They had to come back to town, because Mom actually has a job.

Hubby and I spent dinner together and a relaxing evening alone in the hotel room. It was a perfect ending to a great 25th birthday surprise!

We came back to Cody this morning and will be heading back to Sheridan tomorrow morning. Before we get into Sheridan though Hubby is taking me snowshoeing once more! Yay!

We'll probably spend Friday veg-ing out, cleaning up the house and getting passports ordered for our anniversary trip to the Bahamas in May!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Red Lodge, MT

Today...turns were carved at Red Lodge! We've been going to Red Lodge as a family for years. This was no new experience, but its always nice to enjoy family time on the mountain.

Hubby, unfortunately was still not able to join us on the hill, but he did join us at lodge. He wasn't very happy and had some pretty sad faces on when we were all getting geared up to "roll out."

We are the kind of, I mean Dad is the kind of person that has to make sure we are there 2 hours prior to the lifts starting. You know how they "recommend" you being at the airport 2 hours prior to your flight leaving...we're there 4 hours prior because of Dad. Most of the time it pays off....and today was one of those days. 2nd and 3rd chair up the mountain. FRESH TURNS!

We enjoyed gorgeous weather compared to the -14 we experienced in Wyoming a few days ago. The temperature hovered right around 20 degrees and even some fresh snow was flying. No accumulation while we were there, but there was freshies all over the place in the trees.

Red Lodge will always be an enjoyable place to ride at. We'll be back later this spring to hopefully be able to catch some nice spring skiing. Red Lodge usually gets great spring skiing because of how the storms track. We headed home to watch Da Bears and Packers play. Packers NEED a win to make the playoffs. Did I mention Red Lodge loves the Packers?

Also, did I mention Dad is a Bears fan? Guess we should have thought about that when we got out of the vehicle to take a picture with the sign...who was driving.

He would have left us on the mountain if it wasn't for Mom also being out of the truck.

There is some gorgeous country in between Cody, WY and Red Lodge, MT. Again...a grizzly encounter at every mile just doesn't sound fun.

I'm told we will be leaving at 0900 tomorrow morning for our next destination. I don't know where it is, but I do know I need to have the car loaded and our "kids" will be staying in Cody until we come back. Hubby got a super secret phone call on the ride home and Sister was making sure I wasn't cheating and trying to figure out the surprise.

Should be fun no matter what...also might be a couple days before I can get another update!