Sunday, January 2, 2011

Red Lodge, MT

Today...turns were carved at Red Lodge! We've been going to Red Lodge as a family for years. This was no new experience, but its always nice to enjoy family time on the mountain.

Hubby, unfortunately was still not able to join us on the hill, but he did join us at lodge. He wasn't very happy and had some pretty sad faces on when we were all getting geared up to "roll out."

We are the kind of, I mean Dad is the kind of person that has to make sure we are there 2 hours prior to the lifts starting. You know how they "recommend" you being at the airport 2 hours prior to your flight leaving...we're there 4 hours prior because of Dad. Most of the time it pays off....and today was one of those days. 2nd and 3rd chair up the mountain. FRESH TURNS!

We enjoyed gorgeous weather compared to the -14 we experienced in Wyoming a few days ago. The temperature hovered right around 20 degrees and even some fresh snow was flying. No accumulation while we were there, but there was freshies all over the place in the trees.

Red Lodge will always be an enjoyable place to ride at. We'll be back later this spring to hopefully be able to catch some nice spring skiing. Red Lodge usually gets great spring skiing because of how the storms track. We headed home to watch Da Bears and Packers play. Packers NEED a win to make the playoffs. Did I mention Red Lodge loves the Packers?

Also, did I mention Dad is a Bears fan? Guess we should have thought about that when we got out of the vehicle to take a picture with the sign...who was driving.

He would have left us on the mountain if it wasn't for Mom also being out of the truck.

There is some gorgeous country in between Cody, WY and Red Lodge, MT. Again...a grizzly encounter at every mile just doesn't sound fun.

I'm told we will be leaving at 0900 tomorrow morning for our next destination. I don't know where it is, but I do know I need to have the car loaded and our "kids" will be staying in Cody until we come back. Hubby got a super secret phone call on the ride home and Sister was making sure I wasn't cheating and trying to figure out the surprise.

Should be fun no matter what...also might be a couple days before I can get another update!


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