Monday, January 24, 2011

oh no she didn't!

Oh YES, I did!

After a lot of pep talk and flexing my muscles in the mirrors at the gym...good confidence boost. Try it sometime. Its fun. ;) anywoo...I managed to actually run longer than 30 seconds on the treadmill at the gym. Not to mention...I was at the gym at 0500!

I'll tell you what brought on 0500. Next week I attending a training in Rapid City, SD for a week. Class begins at 8-5 every day. I've noticed that if I don't workout right in the morning...I tend to get super grouchy. I just feel much better after a good session at the gym. So, I was thinking in order to have a positive experience at this training (and enough time to shower) I would need to be in the gym by 0500. We gave it a test run today. Its 1000 as I type this out and I am feeling my energy level decrease by the minute. Not good. I can't be struggling to stay awake in class for 8 hours a day! I may just have to push back my sweat sessions to the night time. Maybe more like 7 or 8 ish. We'll see how today pans out...and maybe attempt tomorrow. The trick here is the multiple days of getting up at 0430. One day I can handle because I can tell myself I just have to make it through the day and can sleep tomorrow.

But, my MORE exciting news. The run.

I did my normal 45 minutes on the elliptical...wait! Let me start with yesterday.

I boosted levels on the elliptical and did 5 extra minutes. Total 45 minutes. I felt really good (and knew Sunday was my rest day for Insanity), I decided that I would just walk on the treadmill for 45 minutes at a fast walk (4.6 mph). I felt really good at about the 15 minutes left mark. I decided to see if I could even run for a steady time. At 12 minutes to go I bumped up the speed to 5.5 mph. I cruised right along. I felt really great when I hit 45 minutes. So I decided that I would bump it up the next time, which was this morning.

I did my 45 on the elliptical. I like doing that first because it warms up my legs and loosens muscle really good. Not so much burn on the walk/run. I busted on over to the treadmill. Walked 15 minutes for a warm-up at 4.7 mph. Then cranked it up to 6.0 mph. Figured I would test out a 10 minute/mile pace. I managed to complete it! I felt really good. I was super proud. I actually did a run for a distance on the treadmill for a fair pace!

I made the drive home and quickly realized...getting out of bed tomorrow morning may not be as fun as I'd like it to be. My right hip joint is already sore! I might have to alternate run days just to give my body a little time to recover. We'll know the real verdict tomorrow when I roll over to go to the gym in the AM.

My time on the treadmill this morning was 4.15 miles in 45 minutes. Boo-ya!


The Hungry Runner Girl said...Best Blogger Tips

AWESOME WORKOUTS!!! I love to know other people are up and working out at ridiculous hours too!

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