Tuesday, February 8, 2011

getting better by the day!

Ms. Janae...you should be excited and thrilled! I feel like we're becoming bff's more and more everyday. Or maybe your weirdness is rubbing off on me more and more!?

As my alarm went off at 0500 this morning to hit the gym early, I was totally ready to just turn it off and go back to sleep for another 2 hours. BUT(!) Hubby was laying next to me and sounded extremely disappointed when I said "I'm not going to the gym." So his motivation to get into the gym this morning made me super excited to go. I figured (last night as I set me alarm) that I would be making the early morning sweat session alone, but to my surprise he actually wanted to go.

I got on the elliptical for an easy/moderate 30 minutes of a hill interval. I don't know what it is, but no matter how many days I do the elliptical my thighs never DON'T burn. It sometimes almost kills me.

Please standby for the continuation of this regularly schedule blog post for a special, and I mean EXTRA special rant!
Dear Mr "I bring my coffee cup to the gym and drink it while I do my elliptical workout,"
I would really appreciate it if you don't get on the elliptical right next to me. And when you absolutely HAVE to, please turn the fan on yourself blowing AWAY from me! I can't stand the smell of the coffee being sweat-ed out of your body while I am focusing hard on finishing my workout. It really makes the last 10-15 minutes (sometimes WHOLE sessions) hard to finish. I just want to die and run away as fast as I can.
Thanks, Me.

Now, back to you regularly scheduled blogging.
After I died from the "coffee sweat" I was forced to inhale. I jumped on the treadmill. After a few days of forcing myself past the "I want to quit and NOW!"stage I've kind of come to love running on the treadmill. It's really not as bad as I remember it being in the past.

On Saturday, I decided that I was going to run a little 5K and get a time for it. I managed to do it in 29:32. Pretty swell...I was just excited that I was under 30 minutes! Averaged a 9:30 mile. I should mention here that I had taken 4 days straight off of running on getting any exercise. It just didn't really jive with my training schedule that I was attending while in Rapid City, SD. I was sore, my calves were really tight as I pushed through the 3.1 miles.

On Sunday, I boosted my 30 minutes of elliptical to 45 minutes. And decided to just walk it out on the treadmill. I didn't slack there though. I did walk a rather a fast pace, and added some incline to it. I was hoping to get my calves a little more stretched out and strenghtened.

I took yesterday off from working out. I hate having a rest day. I always feel like such a slob. But I forced myself to do it.

Today...maybe I should mention that I'm working a regular 8-5 job this week, so in order to make work by 8...I have to be in the gym at 530 (at the latest probably), which means a 0500 wake-up (to ensure that my pre-workout supplements have plenty of time to do their thing). My goal this morning was to push for a 9:00/mile pace for a 3.1 miles. Start small and work up, right? Well...I didn't quite make the 9:00 minute mark, BUT (!!) I did shave 1:15 off my 5K from last time and I'm sitting at a 28:15 now! YES! Average: 9:11/mile. I'm pretty proud of myself. I immediately began calculating what a 10K would be if I could keep that pace. Yes, it comes out to under 60 minutes.

I felt really great after my morning jog, and if I didn't have my job to get to, I probably would have kept going to see just how far I could have gotten until I absolutely need a break.

I feel like I'm doing pretty well with this whole "I'm a serious runner" business and can't wait for summer to arrive to see just exactly what I can do without a treadmill forcing me to keep putting on foot in front of the other.

On a side note...I haven't been to my blog in a few days (maybe even weeks, I know...I'm awful) but I noticed this morning that I had a new follower, Alexis! Eeks. Welcome Alexis! I don't know how you found me but I'm glad you did! Can't wait to become blogger bff's!



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Aw thanks! Hate those "I want to quit and NOW!" days, but you definitely nailed my 4-year-old 'tude that comes out sometimes during hard runs.

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