Saturday, February 19, 2011

solid 5 miles

good morning!
well its almost afternoon, and may be afternoon depending on where you are and when you read this.

I had a good morning. I actually when to bed excited for my gym session today. I couldn’t wait to get up and see how solid of a run I could do. Yesterday was my “rest” day. It was tough to just relax, but I managed to do it. I did clean the house and did a little grocery shopping and meal planning for the week.

002 (2)
So I did burn some calories. Winking smile

This morning I woke up giddy. I was super pumped for my run. I am trying to remain patient for summer so I can attempt a run outside considering I woke up to this.

009 (2)
Fresh snow flakes and a Winter Storm Warning.

Even though there wasn’t enough snow accumulation to make the roads slick the gym was surprisingly quiet this morning for a Saturday. I felt no pressure to NOT feel like a whimp on the treadmill.

I gathered my gear and made a new play list.
005 (2)
I’m starting to re-love itunes, and even more in love with the fact we have fast internet!

I felt great throughout my entire run. As I hit 4.75 miles I thought about pushing to do a 10K, but I remembered yesterday answering a question from Lindsay @ COTTER CRUNCH about refocusing. I planned to refocus on actually follow my training plan. Yesterday…”rest” day; today…5 miles.

008 (2)
I don’t have a Garmin watch, but totally wish I did. After I purchase new running kicks, totally saving my money for a Garmin! So until I do have enough money…this will have to do.

Great! Grand! Wonderful! I hate a great time and really felt great throughout the whole thing. I averaged a 9:30 mile the whole time.

Came home. Showered. Smoothie.

mmmm….strawberry banana!

I’m relaxing on the couch with a heated rice bag on my knees.


Only a little sore, but should be good to go by tomorrow and most definitely by my next run on Tuesday.

Hopefully everyone has a GREAT weekend. I’ll let you know how snowed in we really are tomorrow. They are calling for 5 inches of snow just tonight. Should be a fun trip to the gym in the morning!


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