Monday, November 28, 2011

blog swap time!

hubby is currently (as I type) fighting with putting lights on our christmas tree. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

without further delay…its blog swap time!

a few weeks ago I signed up through caroline @ simply smithwick.

surprisingly I got her name once names were paired up!

I anxiously awaited for the arrival of her package.

I was thrilled when I saw the brown ups truck stopping at my house!


I’m pretty sure this lady must have met me and knew exactly what I needed!


I wouldn’t have expected anything less than a card like this from her! I know how much she loves her dog!


my husband likes to eat! and I love trying to things. I can cook. I’m not completely awful. hubby actually used this to make our turkey tonight. we may have had our thanksgiving dinner just a little late. but we do have plenty of leftovers!


too many nail files is not possible!
notepad and a magnetic list! perfect….because I only have two sheets left out of the one that I am currently using.
when I was taking pictures…I realized there are “A’s” on them. badass!


brown nail polish…hello! go pokes! Winking smile
a candle…perfect. I love burning candles.
a eye brow plucker/sliver getter outer! and love that its shaped like a girl!


slide out mirror for my new purse I just bought. one side was normal sized and one side was magnified.


a PINK clutch. matches my pink purse. I always say I’m going to buy one, but never do. absolutely loved this!

I also got some mittens that have the pull back mitten part so then they’re gloves. make sense? but I have used them like crazy and have already misplaced them.
I will find them though!

thanks again caroline! so sweet!

Monday, November 21, 2011

a family tradition.

this morning I went to the gym, but forgot an important item.


I forgot to change them from last nights pair.

I refused to come back to the house to get them.

I ran in these.


I’m totally convinced they helped me complete my speediest 4 miles yet! Winking smile
mondays are always saved for speed miles.
I shoot for negative splits.

I have been having IT band issues.

it usually hurts post run and walking around the day after. but never hurts during my run. so I have yet to give up. just been icing and heating and foam rolling like crazy.

yesterday, Hubby, I and the dogs headed up the hill to get our christmas tree.

my family has always pulled trees off national forest lands, and we usually do this during thanksgiving week.

Hubby has to work turkey day and I work the days after. so yesterday was the perfect day for us.

it was also super gorgeous out. although it was below 0 in town…but nice on the mtn.


we hike around the woods looking for the perfect tree.

when you think you’ve found it you have to shake all the snow off.


this one was a little too tall.


we found two good ones. I told Hubby to cut down the one I thought I liked best.


the dogs were just happy to be out of the house!


which one?


we stuck with the one that we had already cut down.


Hubby dragging it back to the truck. and proof he does most of the work. Smile with tongue out


me and my kids.

very successful day! couldn’t have been better!

now I’m gearing up for work this week. its going to be long and tiring.
somehow I need to fit in my training. and my studies. I might have some long nights. aww…brings back college memories.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

NROLFW stage 1 review

who needs the gym when you can use your puppy?


need to work on my form, I know. Winking smile
making weird faces totally helps lift weights!

thursday I finally completed stage 1 of NROLFW!


I really enjoyed going to the gym and knowing what I needed to lift.
its much more efficient for me. no more wandering around and just doing whatever.
plus, it gives me visual improvement. numbers increasing!

I feel stronger. I feel like I have more muscle definition in my arms and shoulders (I was admiring this in the shower this morning).

I also loved the fact that even though I was doing the same moves. I felt sore the next day. when I completed the final stage on thursday I felt like there was NO WAY I would be sore on friday. surprise! I was. my ass and glutes. score! I love feeling sore.

by the time I was hitting the 7th and 8th workouts of each workout (A,B) I was getting bored. I almost dreaded lifting days.
so I’m very excited to be moving onto the next stage.

looks like Hubby is required to go to the gym tomorrow so he can help me with the moves!

you want to see my numbers? ok, but don’t laugh in my face.

remember…my arms are only so big!


I’m happy with the numbers increase.

on the step up and lunges I had 2 dumbbells of that weight.
in the book, the last workout of each one (A and B) there was only suppose to be 2 reps of 8, but I didn’t notice that until I was on workout B and almost done with it. so I said the hell with it and finished out the 3 reps.

onto stage 2! yay!

I busted out 6 miles this morning with an 8:20/ mile pace. I really wanted to run outside. but I don’t really feel like I’m prepared (mentally or have the proper clothes) to run in single digits temperatures and below 0 wind chills. plus the roads are still snow covered and icy.

hopefully next saturday I can get my 7 miles done outside!

and then the following week…a 10k in moab, ut!

Friday, November 18, 2011

4 months

I woke up to this this morning.


a winter wonderland.

no sign of it letting up either.

I’m one of those crazy people who love the snow.

so I was smiling when I looked outside this morning.


“mom, let’s go!”


today was the little boys' 4 month check up.

his weight……

35 lbs.


everyone guessed too high. I haven’t decided if I’m going to give it to the closest person or save it for another giveaway. I’m disappointed with the amount of guesses I got. come on people it’s a freaking starbucks gift card!

unfortunately Jaggar didn’t walk away with a clean bill of health. he has a tooth the the doctor thinks is broken and could be a cavity.

so…even though he’s only 4 months old he’s going to lose his manhood in about a week so they can look at the tooth at the same time instead of having to put him under twice.

although when I told Hubby this today…he doesn’t want the little boy to get neutered.

well I don’t want my little boy to have a higher risk of cancer.

guess we’ll have a discussion about that tonight.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the little boys first pheasant hunt

only a couple more days to enter my giveaway! I’m slowly getting entries! finally.

a couple days ago I did something I can’t believe I’m admitting to.


we took my deer head out to the taxidermist to be mounted.

my deer will be the first full head mounted EVER.
my dad only ever hunted for the meat (and I don’t really think Mom would let him hang a dead animal).
Hubby’s deer…just the antlers are mounted.

my deer should be ready by spring.
yeah, not a quick process.

on sunday we took the little boy out for his first pheasant hunt. the season on pheasants opens a little later than the others.


he worked so hard.

we connected on the first group of pheasants, but unfortunately not good enough. just broke his wing.
we tracked the bird through the grass.
Hubby and Jaggar kicked it up.
the bird took off.
Jaggar took off after him…until he ran into the chicken wire fence (no jag man puppies were injured). fail.

we searched and searched the grass for the bird, but never found him again.

we were walking along the river. I hear Hubby start yelling “JAGGAR!”
I come around the corner and I see Hubby pulling Jaggar out of the river.
he apparently was trying to get a drink of water and fell in head first. oops.


luckily it was not too cold out and he dried off pretty quick.

yesterday was work. boring.

we tried pheasant hunting again today.


this is what I woke up to. we finally got some snow! makes my heart so happy.
its suppose to snow some more this weekend. of course it is. Hubby and I (and all dogs in tow) were going to try to make a wyoming college football game in laramie on saturday. we’ll see.

back to hunting,

we saw some pheasants before we even got off the highway. Hubby loaded up and took Jagger to get on them. but they ran away before he could get within shooting distance.

we saw them fly across the river so we got in the truck and went to the other side.
we were walking down this little drainage.
we heard a goose honk (very technical term for the sound a goose makes. I’m college educated here people!)
Hubby wanted me to hold the dogs back so he could see if he could get the goose. as he was loading the correct shotgun shells in to shoot geese a pheasant flushed on my side. one shot, one pheasant down! finally a bird for Jaggar! two more flush, but no shots connected.
the dogs found the bird on the ground.

Jaggar is still just a little too small to pick them up. but he sure tries.
he grabbed it by the head and it started flapping its wings and Jaggar put his paws on top of it. good boy.


proud papa! and Jaggar is making sure that bird is not going ANYWHERE!

we called it a day shortly after that…and after the dogs stopped listening!

besides….I had a full lineup of college basketball I needed to watch!

I’m watching basketball…I started my personal training studying today officially too….and I think there is some “daddy, jag man” time occurring!

Friday, November 11, 2011

no longer a failure

this morning came early! extra early.

Hubby, I, sister and her bf went hunting for deer on some land outside of Kaycee, WY.

we had about an hour and half drive to get there.

that meant leaving here at 0530.

woah. I don’t even get up that early for the gym.

after a quick stop at starbucks for some pre-hunting fuel we were off on the drive.

we had permission from a land owner. made a quick stop at the ranch house to let them know we were there and for them to tell us where he wanted us to stay.

we made it in the first pasture and Hubby saw a deer run across this field into the river bed. we all got out. we were locked and loaded and walking down into the thicket to stalk these deer.

I was looking down….getting fully situated and I hear Hubby say “there’s a buck! and it’s a white tail”

before I could even get my gun shouldered the stupid boy had take off (the deer, not MY boy).

oh boy. another missed shot at a buck.

we tried to track it through the thicket, but never got another look at him.

I say to Hubby, “I knew that was going to happen.” and what I was referring to was the fact that we were chasing these other deer and I knew we would spook up another one and it would be a split second that I would have to make a shot. Hubby’s response “you should have been ready!” so to be a smart ass…I shoulder my gun and tip toe through the trees. he had also made a face at me that I was stepping too hard on the dead, dry leaves on the ground. sheesh!

I cry, storm off, yell at him for being so mean and always saying mean things. I state that after this season I’m never going hunting again!

we walked and drove some other pastures but only saw mule deer. the season on them was closed. of course. some monster bucks too.

sister and her bf wanted to go to some state land. Hubby and I entertained the idea, but after we got to the spot we decided to go back to the private land.

we drove through the pastures again and actually ended up getting on top of this hill. Hubby got out and looked over the flats. I was day dreaming in the truck when Hubby gets my attention. he’s going bananas. like “there’s a freaking white tail down here, get you butt over here with the gun” bananas.

I quickly put on my hearing protection and grab my gun and haul butt over to him. but as quietly as possible.

I get over there just in time to see the does running away! bummer.

I was bummed. Hubby suggested we walk the thicket to try to find them. I stubbornly agreed to the idea and stomp back towards the truck.

just then Hubby “ppppsssssssssssssssssssssssssttttttttttttttt” me. I turn around and again he’s going bananas. the same kind of bananas as before!

I hurry back over. pop my butt down and see the doe. the wind is blowing across and I can’t get my gun held solid even to get a shot. Hubby quickly runs back to the truck and grabs shooting sticks to stabilize the gun. thankfully the doe didn’t move. somebody or somebodies from above were watching over me this afternoon. the doe was standing straight towards us, but was behind a tree. she slowly turned and got out from behind the tree. in the time Hubby got back and had the shooting sticks placed under the gun and I had it just right where I could see the deer at a comfortable spot. no laying down this ime thankfully! I like sitting on my butt when shooting! Hubby tells me to take my shot.I ask, you ready? “yup.” I flick off the safety, put my finger on the trigger. just about the time I am about to pull Hubby says, ‘there’s a buck!”

OhMyFreakingGosh! I want the boy, not the girl! I find him with my eyes, then put the scope on him. I go through the checklist to confirm he’s a white-tail. antlers look right. check. face is definitely not a muley face. check. he’s looking right at us. he turns his butt towards us (he has a solid brown butt check.)and trots to his woman. he is now behind the same stupid tree. he slowly comes out, but both deer look like they are about to take off. I aim and BAM!

my ear is ringing (because I had the hearing protection half off my ear so I could hear Hubby talking to me), my hands are shaking, I’m thinking “did that gun even kick? wait, did I even hit him? I don’t think I did. where did he go?” I racked the bolt back and put another bullet in the chamber because I don’t think I even hit him. suddenly I have Hubby punching me (not violently…don’t worry Mom), pushing me, screaming at me! “you hit him! he went down! he didn’t even move!” he was so freaking excited!

“Babe! you hit it!”
”it dropped dead in its tracks.”
that’s all he can say!

I doubt myself. then I remember looking through the scope, pulling the trigger, seeing the puff of smoke from the muzzle blast, and seeing the deer fall right down.

Hubby then asks, “you sure it was a white-tail?”
seriously Hubby? then I think….yes. I’m pretty sure it was a white-tail!
I go back through the same checklist. maybe I missed something when I was too excited.

we walk down to him.

sure enough, he didn’t take one step. he died before he hit the ground.


Hubby looks and says, “he’s bigger than mine!”

he ended up being a 5x5 and had a pretty thick antler base.

I felt Hubby being so proud of me!
my dad should be proud too.


immediately, I wanted to know where I shot him. unfortunately, it was a perfect shot and I ruined a front shoulder worth of meat, maybe both.
I wanted to have a better shot.
I am thrilled that he died instantly. his heart was pretty much hamburger. I didn’t want to have to try to shoot a wounded, moving deer.


once I knew he was dead. I was pretty happy too!


post gutting. Hubby cut and showed me how to do it. like I’ll remember next year. but I did pull the guts out. I had to get bloody, fake nails and all. I did take off my rings but that was all.

now, all I really want to do is go hunting some more. time to move up! maybe an elk. oh boy! next year will tell! I’ll definitely “put in” for areas I think next year for deer!

and to think, earlier in the day…I didn’t want to ever hunt again!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

bird hunting success.

have you entered my giveaway?

obviously not. I’ve only had one entry. and that was a phone entry from my mom.

she might win by default!

last night I went to work for a whopping 3 hours.

while I was working though some of this was occurring at my house.


and apparently some “aunt eddie, jag man time”


sister is here visiting for a few days with her boyfriend.

then they’re off to trashper for the weekend.


Hubby says “we have a dead Jaggar.”
Twogs is obviously very concerned.
he was just that stinkin’ tired.

we were all up bright and early this morning for some bird hunting.

a certain someone doesn’t like their picture taken.


my trick is just to take enough pictures…eventually you’ll get one decent one.


Hubby and his little worker bees.

the “kids” worked their little tails off (no pun intended, but Twogs may not have any fur left on her tail after we get done cutting all the cockaburs out of it)!

they hunted so hard and even managed to flush some birds.

it was just the people with guns that weren’t doing a very good job.


I wasn’t one of them. I was the “picture taker”, “walk in that nasty brush that even the dogs won’t go in because there might just be a bird in there”, person.


this might be the last picture of my holding my little man.

we tried a few drainages and never saw any birds. so then we walked another drainage and Twogs flushed a few grouse. the boys didn’t connect. so we kept moving.

occasionally we’d flush a bird, but no one would connect.

we were walking this thick stuff and I look in and see a little head.

“STOP! there’s birds.” I round Twogs up and send her in to flush. amazingly she listened and flushed these grouse. the boys might have connected. I never saw birds flush or get shot…just heard them flapping their wings and obviously the gun shots.  I could still see grouse in there.  so I sent Twogs in after them again. and again more flushed! more shots were taken, boys yelling, birds falling. probably a total of 10 birds came out. out of 3 guns shooting (sister shot once just because her bf was yelling at her too. peer pressure is a bitch!) 4 birds were killed. 40%. that’s a F average. no bueno. Winking smile

after that group was gone I went back to get the car and the guns continued down drainage.

they ended up hitting another group of birds with 4 birds and 2 were killed. ooooo 50% moving up. BUT the most exciting part was my sister killed her first bird. hopefully this is a good omen for deer hunting tomorrow.


the group kept going and flushed one last bird and managed to kill it. ended the day on 100% group shot!


they had to walk back to the car because my battery died. guess its time to get a new battery.


overall 7 birds made it to the freezer today! yay!

the grouse may still be too big for the little boys mouth. but couple more days weeks and he should have no problem fetching them!

deer hunting tomorrow. hopefully not another epic fail!