Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the little boys first pheasant hunt

only a couple more days to enter my giveaway! I’m slowly getting entries! finally.

a couple days ago I did something I can’t believe I’m admitting to.


we took my deer head out to the taxidermist to be mounted.

my deer will be the first full head mounted EVER.
my dad only ever hunted for the meat (and I don’t really think Mom would let him hang a dead animal).
Hubby’s deer…just the antlers are mounted.

my deer should be ready by spring.
yeah, not a quick process.

on sunday we took the little boy out for his first pheasant hunt. the season on pheasants opens a little later than the others.


he worked so hard.

we connected on the first group of pheasants, but unfortunately not good enough. just broke his wing.
we tracked the bird through the grass.
Hubby and Jaggar kicked it up.
the bird took off.
Jaggar took off after him…until he ran into the chicken wire fence (no jag man puppies were injured). fail.

we searched and searched the grass for the bird, but never found him again.

we were walking along the river. I hear Hubby start yelling “JAGGAR!”
I come around the corner and I see Hubby pulling Jaggar out of the river.
he apparently was trying to get a drink of water and fell in head first. oops.


luckily it was not too cold out and he dried off pretty quick.

yesterday was work. boring.

we tried pheasant hunting again today.


this is what I woke up to. we finally got some snow! makes my heart so happy.
its suppose to snow some more this weekend. of course it is. Hubby and I (and all dogs in tow) were going to try to make a wyoming college football game in laramie on saturday. we’ll see.

back to hunting,

we saw some pheasants before we even got off the highway. Hubby loaded up and took Jagger to get on them. but they ran away before he could get within shooting distance.

we saw them fly across the river so we got in the truck and went to the other side.
we were walking down this little drainage.
we heard a goose honk (very technical term for the sound a goose makes. I’m college educated here people!)
Hubby wanted me to hold the dogs back so he could see if he could get the goose. as he was loading the correct shotgun shells in to shoot geese a pheasant flushed on my side. one shot, one pheasant down! finally a bird for Jaggar! two more flush, but no shots connected.
the dogs found the bird on the ground.

Jaggar is still just a little too small to pick them up. but he sure tries.
he grabbed it by the head and it started flapping its wings and Jaggar put his paws on top of it. good boy.


proud papa! and Jaggar is making sure that bird is not going ANYWHERE!

we called it a day shortly after that…and after the dogs stopped listening!

besides….I had a full lineup of college basketball I needed to watch!

I’m watching basketball…I started my personal training studying today officially too….and I think there is some “daddy, jag man” time occurring!


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