Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I should major in laziness!

wow. what did I do today? nothing.


I did finally lift after taking a few days off.

and I made it to the pool workout. I feel like I did better this time at the pool than the last time.

the lap pool was more crowded today. we have a 4 lane lap pool. 2 out of the 4 were taken when I jumped in. the guy next to me cranked out his laps. practically 3 to my 1. remember I take a 30 second break in between each lap. I think I might bump up the laps the next time I hit the pool.

while I went to pump iron and soak in the chlorine, Hubby went bird hunting with the little boy.


they had success!

little Jaggar has quite the crazy bird instinct. we haven’t really given him much training but he’s never been afraid of them.

when Hubby got back I asked a bunch of questions. I think he was getting annoyed. he told my Jaggar had no problem fetching the birds. he went to pick up the duck, he got it in his mouth and the duck started flapping his wings. Jaggar dropped the duck and just stood there barking and growling at it.


back to my lazy day.

after the gym I didn’t do anything all day. I relaxed.

I do need to clean the house for visitors coming tomorrow.

I also got a call about a job that I applied for. this job is much more important than the current one because this one is involved in my 5 year plan. but I’m not getting my hopes up. its just a little pre-test. but I’m not even really sure what to expect.

while ya’ll are here….go check out this awesome giveway that Faison is doing!


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