Wednesday, October 19, 2011

pool time=love

yesterday was a cross training first.

I was definitely nervous.

I had plans to go to the pool for my cross training.

but first I hit my gym for my lifting. after taking a few days off due to hunting I was worried that it was going to hurt my lifting progress, but in fact I think it only helped! gave me a chance to give some muscles much needed rest.

I am definitely still a little weak in my arms….but have you seen them. they’re kind of little.


after my quick lift session…don’t worry I was feeling the burn! I jumped in my car and headed to the YMCA.


when I first wrote down this workout I didn’t really think it was going to be that tough. but that little note that says “focus kicking from hips” puts a little lot of extra burn in my hip flexors. right where I needed it. I was ready to be done after 5 lengths. but I stuck with it. I worked it out. it took me 45 seconds to go one length with a 30 second rest every time. 25 minutes. my legs felt like jello the rest of the day. but I have to say I absolutely loved this workout and may try to do it every other week instead of just race weeks.

I woke up this morning to a nice warm 27 degrees. decided I’d wait for it to warm up a bit. and it got warm quickly. I got in depth into filing bills away and before I knew it it was lunch time. made some lunch then rest up a bit. ate some toast and drank my jack 3d and forced myself out the door for my 3 miles.

the wind managed to always be blowing in my face now matter which way I ran…that made things fun, but it was a solid run until I got a super weird cramp at 2.25 miles which forced me to walk. ugh! then the up-hills. I force myself to run them as much as I can.

3.13 miles in 26 minutes. not too shabby. managed 2 miles at sub 8s, but that 3rd mile killed me. maybe I need to start out slower. hmm…

I was hot, sweaty, and happy when I got home.



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