Tuesday, October 11, 2011

no meat yet.

Hubby called me. so nice to hear from him…actually…he called from a # I didn’t have saved in my phone…and so I let it go to voicemail, so I didn’t actually talk to him. depressing. but he left me a message and he still hadn’t gotten an elk. bummer.

gym session this morning was good. I felt rushed at the end, because I had the dogs in the car and I was starting to worry about them a little. none the less I got it all done.

50 minutes on a spin bike is a lot harder than I always expect it to be. but it feels good to have the quads burning! and get the knees warmed up…hopefully this strengthens that stupid IT band.

I started doing New Rules of Lifting for Women last week. Today was workout 3 of stage 1. A. it seems to be going well. I like it and I like that I have an actual lift plan. usually I just wonder around and just kind of do whatever, so this is new to me. Smile

I’m jumping back into the racing saddle in a little over a week. but I’m not getting to serious about this. I’ll probably end up running the entire time with my mom or dad. we’ll see how I feel on race day. heck I may ditch them both and run my own thing.

this race is called The Link and the money raised goes to the cancer center here in town. and for the race you wear pink since its all about breast cancer awareness! Its either a 5k or 10k. I opted for the 5k. I walked this route last year…so I know the race route and I know the uphills to it! I ran this route + another mile yesterday and the hills actually felt better than I expected. so we’ll see how that pesky IT band feels come race day!

sorry for the lack of pictures, maybe I can get some of my fur babies running around with my sweet “smart” phone!


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