Saturday, October 22, 2011

breast cancer awareness weekend

this weekend small town wyoming had its 3rd annual breast cancer awareness 1.5 mile walk, 5k walk/run, 10k run.

but FIRST!

friday morning a certain little 12 week old puppy had his vet appointment. when he went in at 8 weeks he weighed 13 lbs. since our other golden weighed 10 lbs. at that same age and gained 10 lbs. every four weeks after that. I had guess that Jaggar would be pushing 30 lbs. at 12 weeks. and pushing 30 lbs. he was. 26-ish lbs…how’s that for exact?


after the vet, Hubby and I came home and cleaned house like mad people. I need company to visit every week so I’m basically forced to super clean my house.

my parents came over the mountain to spend the night at our place, drop off their dog, and run the race on saturday.

we ate carbs (lasagna), drank some wine and beers, and watched a movie. seems though, Jaggar just wanted to have snuggle sessions with my parents.


we all turned in before 10pm.

everyone was up bright and early. Hubby was covering an extra shift at work so he had to be ready well before us. Mom and I went and got breakfast and coffee at starbucks. I felt hungry so I got a breakfast sandwich and a small pumpkin spice latte. I was praying it didn’t come back to bite me in the butt in the middle of the race.

since I have slowly been getting back into the running 3 days a week I signed up to run the 5k. I physically felt strong enough to do the 10k, but was more worried about an injury since this was my highest mileage week. it felt great to run 3 days a week though!

we got to the park about 0940. people were slowly filing in.


I really hadn’t decided if I was going to sick with my parents or run off on my own. and didn’t really decide until they ditched me at the starting line! thanks mom.


the shirt my dad is wearing is the shirt we received for signing up. last year we also did this same race but the shirts were cotton. this year tech tshirts! total score! that’s probably the most pink my dad will ever wear! go dad!


I tried to get up to the front to avoid being stuck behind the walkers. phew. dodged that bullet.


less than 0.50 miles in. I felt good. I always pay attention first starting out so I’m not chasing someone who’s doing sub 7s. I finally settled into an average right around 8 minutes. when my watched beeped at 1 mile I checked and said an 8:09/mile. perfect! that’s right where I wanted to be!


mid run. this is the first time ever that I’ve carried my camera. it wasn’t bad. and yes, I’m running in this picture! it doesn’t look like it though.

mile 2 was UPHILL. but I knew this and have been training on the hills so I was prepared. I pushed through the hills. no walks for me.

at about 1.5 miles there was a water station. I grabbed a water, took a sip and pitched the cup. this was the same spot that the 10k’ers broke off from the 5k course. so the girls I was chasing the entire time took off on the 10k course. damn. guess I better start chasing the guy in front of me.

the course flattened out here and even started going down.

right when I hit mile 2 my garmin beeped and I got passed.


these guys were great! they passed me. I told them great job. and they YELLED (!!) “great job girl! keep it up. 6 minutes of hard running!” they also were 2nd and 3rd placed boys of the 5k.

mile 2 was an 8:31/mile pace. pretty freaking good considering most was uphill.

right here the rest of the course was downhill. I could see a girl in front of me and picked it up to catch her. fail!

my garmin registered this course to be 2.99 miles. course routing fail! if I had that extra 0.11 of a mile I feel confident I could have caught and passed her.

I crossed the finish line at 24:01 according to my garmin. official result was 24:02.


I got 3rd overall female for the 5k’ers!


got a sweet coffee cup and coffee! score!

dad and mom finished behind me. dad finished so fast I didn’t get a finishing picture. so I took a couple extras of mom.


it was a gorgeous day out! we were just missing sister and my hubby!


and somehow…I managed to have a pair of PINK! toe socks that I cut the toes off of and used as arm warmers! P.E.R.F.E.C.T.

now I’m at home. relaxing. I did go to a potential job location to fill out some more paper work. I’m oddly excited about this job even though it would just be a winter job. we’ll see.


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