Wednesday, October 19, 2011

fit fluential ambassador!

I recently joined twitter.

mainly to follow companies such as the forest service (since they often tweet about fires and such).

I came across a company called FIT FLUENTIAL.

I read into it more and knew I wanted to be an ambassador!

I’m always wanting to help people getting fit. I have given much thought to becoming a personal trainer or running coach, but with me living in remote wyoming I would have to travel a decent distance to get certified and right now the travel funds just aren’t there, but where they are…you bet your sweet ass I’ll be looking into certification.

one way to “apply” to become a fit fluential ambassador is to make a photo collage of my life basically! well… here we go.


009015IMG_0343021 (2)DSCN1036DSCN1213DSCN1219DSCN1359DSCN1492IMG_0352

I truly enjoy sharing my healthy active lifestyle with my family and we don’t just do that by running! we do snow sports, we ride horses, we hike and we enjoy time on the lake!


we don’t just limit ourselves to our mountains in our backyard. we often travel to places and still manage to stay active. first to south dakota on a 6 mile hike to a fire lookout and then to the shoshone national forest to where my uncle was tragically killed in the 1988 yellowstone wildfires.


my town of sheridan, wy and my backyard of the bighorn national forest is truly God’s blessing and the best kept secret in wyoming! never a dull site!


I have my “me” time…I keep busy with my own run training.. and also with my job during the summer I’m kept busy with wildland fire which is never a walk in the park!


I keep active with my golden, Twogs. She loves to go for runs, walks, and is always in the mountains when we go to explore.


this is Jaggar and he is our newest addition and he is already super active with us…going everywhere!

007 (2)DSCN1517DSCN1522DSCN1525DSCN1526DSCN1533DSCN1536

I am always changing up gear usage. I have a gym bag that I only keep my workout materials in it! that way I can grab it on the run. I have my workouts planned in advanced and am always working towards a goal!

I try to remain active! being a couch potato is not my strong suit! I am always looking for new adventures and am always up for trying new things and meeting new people!

I want to help people achieve their fitness goals and if I can do that by becoming a Fit Fluential ambassador then please pick me!


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