Monday, October 24, 2011


after a failed attempt via twitter to find someone to move to wyoming to be my fulltime running buddy, I roped some familiar faces into going with.


Hubby had just gotten home from an interview and Twogs…well she’s always up for a run!

I had a new route planned, but didn’t know how far it would end up being. I had 3 miles scheduled and figured it would be in a ballpark figure of 3 miles.


Twogs usually just wants to play for the first 0.25 miles. but then she settles down nicely. we opted for no leash today and hoped that she didn’t make us regret it.

weather was a little on the windy side, but I kind of don’t mind it. makes ya a stronger runner. especially when you have a head wind going UP the hills. tends to make you a little stronger physically and mentally.


we look like we’re having fun. I was. not so sure about Hubby’s answer there.

I’m trying to get Hubby into running regularly since we’re both signed up for the Winter Sun 10K in moab, ut in december. so…he needs to get training. he’s typically ready to be done at 3 miles…so he needs to double that. time to cowboy up cupcake!


we ran my favorite hills close to home. we even added some hills and we both pushed through them and didn’t take walk breaks.

miles 1 and 2 were on the slower paced side for me. mile 1 = 9:05/mile. mile 2 = 9:18/mile.

mile 3 was quicker. Hubby pushed the pace. we were also going downhill and finally had the wind at our back. felt nice.

when we headed back Hubby said “give me the camera. I want you to know what I see the whole time we’re running.”


I think he’s saying I always leave him behind. but today I stuck with him. I didn’t leave him and if I got in front I slowed up.

mile 3 = 8:11/mile

told you we pushed our pace. or maybe the downhill and wind had something to do with it!

Twogs with no leash did amazing! we passed people on our route and she would do a quick sniff as she ran by. and for the most part stayed right at Hubby’s or my side!


we even had some major roads that we ran on and she listened great! puppy training success! now Hubby wants me to get to working on Jaggar’s manners. slowly but surely we’re getting there.

I have an interview tomorrow for a winter job here in town! I’m still excited about it. so excited that I have thought….”what if I stay at this job for the rest of my life?”

decisions, decisions. the answer is probably won’t happen. I love being outdoors too much. the thought of being inside…scares me!


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