Thursday, October 20, 2011

what’s in my gym bag?

I figure if I’m missing anything…you can help me!

I recently decided that a gym bag would be a smart idea…even though my gym doesn’t have a “locker room.” there are bathrooms, single rooms, but no changing rooms. so basically you kind of have to be pretty dressed to go to my gym.

I also decided that a gym bag wouldn’t be a bad idea, because it keeps all my gear in the same place! and then if I leave for a vacation and want to workout…I grab my bag and go.

so without further waiting.


my bag is the perfect size! not too big, but hasn’t hit that “too small” status yet.


shoes. shoes are a must. I have my cross training shoes from under armour and my running shoes that are saucony. I also have a roadID on my running shoes! very thankful I haven’t been in a situation to use it, but am happy its there!


shorts, buff, shirt and sports bra. I tend to wear my same workout clothes for running for about a week. less if its been warm and I sweat a lot. I always have an extra sports bra and shorts in my bag. my buff is essential. especially if I’m dealing with my ipod. I try to sick with the “running shirts” instead of cotton while I’m running. they keep me cooler. most cross training days…I just grab the next tshirt out of my drawer. this may seem funny, but I have cross training socks and my running socks. and I have every single pair in my gym bag. you just never know.


can’t forget the key card. our gym is 24 hours. works best with Hubby’s schedule!


entertainment. ipod with extra head phones…just in case. I like to read if I’m I on the elliptical of bike. seems to pass the time a lot better! yeah…I’m in an A-Rod book right now…and the more I read…the more I’m disliking him. still a yankee supporter, but an A-Rod hater!


horrible picture! these are my lifting spreadsheets. folder for me is a must otherwise they would be crimpled and unreadable!

I know I need to add hair ties to my bag. and I have some…just have to find where Hubby put them.

I also take a water bottle and most times leave it in my bag, but its in the dishwasher.

am I missing something vital?


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