Tuesday, October 11, 2011

lonely week

Hubby is currently out hunting.
I would get much into that for those of you that don’t like it.

I was suppose to go with, but the weather conditions kind of turned to winter a few days before we were scheduled to head up the mountain and having the dogs sleep in the truck at night…I just didn’t feel comfortable that little Jag Man could keep himself warm enough, so I decided to stay behind with the dogs.

so…while Hubby’s been away since sunday, I’ve been cleaning the house like crazy and hitting the gym getting back into training and trying to get my fitness back to the level it was before I took a month off because of a weird knee pain. which I think is just a tight IT band. I feel like I am constantly rolling on my foam roller.

Hubby has the camera…so I’m kind of photo-less.

although…I have been checking into something else while Hubby has been gone.


I have been looking into maybe taking a cruise.
meghann’s posts about her lovely cruise have made me insanely jealous. and have really kind of changed my opinion about the idea of a cruise.

we’ll see what it all brings. I know Hubby and I were talking about cruises before he went on his great hunt, so it won’t be a surprise to him when he comes back!

well..cross training and lifting seem to be calling my name! maybe I’ll be back later in the day….let you know how my cleaning is coming. Winking smile


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