Thursday, September 22, 2011

as per Hubby’s request

I got some solid days off finally.
since my job is only seasonal, I’m being laid off at the end of the month, which is NEXT friday. yikes. I had some credit hours that needed to be used up, so I took a few hours off yesterday and all day off today. I never work on fridays. I’m taking the morning off on monday so I have hours to work next friday since you’re required to work part of your last day. all that make sense?! good.

the short of the story is…I was off all day and we went to the mountains.

we took Jaggar for his first “big” hike. a mile up to Black Mountain lookout.


Hubby’s actually got a few days off too! it was a family affair.

“are we there yet?”


Twogs could go all day. Jaggar kept up with big sis best he could…with some minor naps along the way.


my little family is growing with furbabies!


in other un exciting news.

I climbed back in the running saddle.

only 2.5 miles. but I don’t want to re-injure my IT band…not fun.

I’ll get there. I’ve got about a month to work up to about 6 miles…no problem.


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