Sunday, September 11, 2011

long walk for a little puppy

after we welcomed little Jagger to the family, I went away for the weekend to work some overtime in Cody in the fire dispatch center.

I was blessed with night shift. Smile with tongue out

which means…I came in at 7pm and left at 10am. slept for a few hours and did it all over again the next night. I was only able to do it friday and saturday nights since I have to be back to my regular job tomorrow morning.

Hubby took care of the little man all weekend and made sure to give me the play by play on potty times in the middle of the night. so far…Jag man seems to know how to wake us up to go out in the middle of the night.

Hubby took him for a little walk the other night, but not too long. they (the “experts”) say to allow your puppy to get used to the leash by putting it on them and letting them walk around the yard, then slowly work in the idea of a walk.

but with both Twogs and Jag man…they took to the leash no problem and I say “hey, let’s start walking them now!” that way they know how to “easy'” walk when they get to be dogs and they aren’t the ones taking us for the walk.

at 6 weeks old and close to a 2 mile walk we get this…


one pooped freaking puppy.

when we got home he passed out until he caught his breath. played with Twogs for a little bit before I separated them so Jagger will bond with me and not Twogwotee (again…something else the “experts” talk about).

I brought Jagger upstairs and he helped me fold laundry and then decided he had enough and fell asleep on top of his pile. Winking smile


ok ok. laundry folding duties ex-nayed. I put him in his bed and he’s been asleep ever since. I know there is a potty break coming soon, but I’m so tired…I don’t know if I can wait. I may just have to have him wake me up.


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