Thursday, September 8, 2011

Woah. Hello there!

Holy. Freaking. Canoly!

Where did the summer go?

Oh that's right…I've worked my little tail off to earn some mula!

Its been far too long, and I'm sure I've lost all my followers by now, but ohhh weeeeellll!

Summer seems to pick up a lot for me. And that's really no lie. I've been busy working my regular M-Th job and then on my days off have been working on the fire side of things. Running supplies to fires, shuttling people to and from fires, trying to get in on a little fire action myself. But that hasn't happened yet.

Things have kind of slowed down. I'm at least back in the office regularly and not out in the woods until all hours of the night. I've really slacked off on running. Something about those near 100* temps hasn't really put me in the running kind of mood. Which unfortunately means that I am scratching the idea of running my second half marathon in 2 weeks. I had signed up for the Billings ½ back in June when I was still sticking hard to my schedule and feeling great. BUT! This last month has just been hard to find the time to run. I've had 3 days off in the last month (my doing…I'll work OT!) and the weather has been simply too hot for me to attempt. I didn't want to die here people!

A lot has happened over the summer. Some good, some ok, some scary! But we've made it through.

Today is a pretty big day. BIG surprise happening…it will be like Christmas in September. Hopefully I'll find some time tonight to let you in on that secret! I can't sit still today, I'm too excited!

I spent a little time this morning ordering some running equipment and it makes me anxious to get back out there and train! Gym bag in the mail, an "I <3 SWEAT!" I keep saying..i'll get back into next week. Well next week it is. FOR REAL! No more messing around. I need to slowly get my mileage back up to 20 a week. And I better start freaking enjoying what's left of the running outside business, because all too soon it will be winter and I will have to fall back in love with running on a treadmill in a controlled environment.

NFL starts tonight! And you best believe I am sporting the GREEN BAY jersey!


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