Thursday, July 21, 2011

just now recovered

or I may not be.

I still am behind on sleep.

last friday and saturday evenings a particular event occured at the end of rodeo week.

it consists of lack of sleep and too much alcohol being drank.

its called the street dance.

the city closes down main street. bands play. people dance. people drink.


yup. that’s street dance in pictures….

oh wait…


what happens at the street dance, stays at the street dance!

Friday, July 15, 2011

sneakers and spurs

today I PR’d

but it was my first 5k.

this is rodeo week in sheridan. it’s a big deal!

there is a PRCA rodeo 4 nights during the week. a street dance two nights. a 5k race.

I entered the 5k race.

first one.

I have never done these short races. I don’t have short training runs.

I didn’t know what to expect.

I knew I wanted to shoot for 8:00 minute/miles.

the course was flat. no major hills.

there were 450 runners.


I started out well. I looked at my garmin at one point and saw I was a sub 7 pace. I knew I had to slow down.

as I hit mile 1 I had a 7:48 mile time. perfect. I can do this for 2 more miles

and I did better than that.

mile 2 split was 7:45.

mile 3 split was 7:33

my garmin said I did 3.06 miles. so for the 0.06 miles I had a 5:20 pace.

I kicked it in hard. Hubby would be proud. he’s always yelling at me at the finish line to sprint!

during the whole race…I was passing people. never got passed.

I felt strong.

I was happy with my splits.

I sprinted and passed a guy at the end which caused him to kick it in. he didn’t want me to beat him, but I did.

remember my goal 8 minute miles? I beat that and finished my first 5k with a time of…..


did you see that?!

23 freaking 25!

I don’t know where that came from, but holy flipping cow!

I’m more than happy.

I haven’t seen actual results yet, so I don’t know where I placed at all, but I know I was ahead of the big pack. I would say top 100 maybe even top 50 overall.

I’m off to sleep and clean and prepare for this weekend. its going to get crazy!

better get caught up

I have GOT to get caught up….or maybe get YOU caught up.

this weekend is going to be a wicked and wild one!

but first….last weekend.


we got out to go camping!

we borrowed our buddy’s boat and went out to spend a night at the lake.


Twogs was tied up at first, but then we decided that she’s well behaved enough that she didn’t need that.


she was making sure dad was doing his jobs correctly.


she even did her part in picking up others trash. she carried that stupid plastic bottle around all weekend.


I roasted marshmallows and enjoyed s’mores.


once the sun went down it cooled off a little.


we got to witness a pretty sunset.


we tried a “family picture” but it didn’t work.

we crawled into the tent and slept peacefully…for the most part. Twogs did great for it being her first camping experience, and there is plenty of room in our backpacking tent for the 3 of us. good to know.

we got up the next morning and made some breakfast.


Twogs was ready to get the day started!


Hubby fished. I “tanned.” Twogs chased the waves.

Later in the day, once it warmed up more, Hubby started jumping in off the boat and Twogs followed. then Hubby accidently pushed Twogs in. luckily she came up…otherwise I would have pushed Hubby in after her.

by the end of the day…we were tired and sunburned. I promise, Mom I put on sunscreen!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

where has the time gone?

geez…when I went to download pictures from my camera tonight I noticed I had pictures from the weekend of the 4th still.

on monday, july 4th, Hubby and I took another little hike.

Twogwotee and I completed this trail last fall…for some reason Hubby didn’t want to couldn’t go.


she was sooo little then!
it was hunting season…and I didn’t want some mid-westerner mistaking her for an elk.


loaded up the car and headed up the mountain.


puppy…to big puppy.


we had to post hole through some snow drifts.
that’s Gannett, we’re puppy (she’s 8, but a pup at heart) sitting for my family.


I truly feel blessed to call this my backyard.


at the top is a fire lookout. it is no longer in use, but very cool to see…and great views!

definitely NOT for people afraid of heights. it gives me the hibby jibbies…and I wouldn’t say I’m afraid of heights.


Twogs was a little better about the heights this time…not much, but a little.


It’s a little easier to have someone there to take pictures of you and your puppy...


…because if not…you’re kind of left to fend for yourself!


no lives were lost, no shoes were lost…just a little extra mud brought home.

we had a great time. Hubby was a little beat, but it was good for him.

we came home and did the typical 4th thing…went and watched fireworks, drank too much and then went off to sleep. Tuesday workday came bright and early.