Friday, July 15, 2011

better get caught up

I have GOT to get caught up….or maybe get YOU caught up.

this weekend is going to be a wicked and wild one!

but first….last weekend.


we got out to go camping!

we borrowed our buddy’s boat and went out to spend a night at the lake.


Twogs was tied up at first, but then we decided that she’s well behaved enough that she didn’t need that.


she was making sure dad was doing his jobs correctly.


she even did her part in picking up others trash. she carried that stupid plastic bottle around all weekend.


I roasted marshmallows and enjoyed s’mores.


once the sun went down it cooled off a little.


we got to witness a pretty sunset.


we tried a “family picture” but it didn’t work.

we crawled into the tent and slept peacefully…for the most part. Twogs did great for it being her first camping experience, and there is plenty of room in our backpacking tent for the 3 of us. good to know.

we got up the next morning and made some breakfast.


Twogs was ready to get the day started!


Hubby fished. I “tanned.” Twogs chased the waves.

Later in the day, once it warmed up more, Hubby started jumping in off the boat and Twogs followed. then Hubby accidently pushed Twogs in. luckily she came up…otherwise I would have pushed Hubby in after her.

by the end of the day…we were tired and sunburned. I promise, Mom I put on sunscreen!


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