Friday, July 15, 2011

sneakers and spurs

today I PR’d

but it was my first 5k.

this is rodeo week in sheridan. it’s a big deal!

there is a PRCA rodeo 4 nights during the week. a street dance two nights. a 5k race.

I entered the 5k race.

first one.

I have never done these short races. I don’t have short training runs.

I didn’t know what to expect.

I knew I wanted to shoot for 8:00 minute/miles.

the course was flat. no major hills.

there were 450 runners.


I started out well. I looked at my garmin at one point and saw I was a sub 7 pace. I knew I had to slow down.

as I hit mile 1 I had a 7:48 mile time. perfect. I can do this for 2 more miles

and I did better than that.

mile 2 split was 7:45.

mile 3 split was 7:33

my garmin said I did 3.06 miles. so for the 0.06 miles I had a 5:20 pace.

I kicked it in hard. Hubby would be proud. he’s always yelling at me at the finish line to sprint!

during the whole race…I was passing people. never got passed.

I felt strong.

I was happy with my splits.

I sprinted and passed a guy at the end which caused him to kick it in. he didn’t want me to beat him, but I did.

remember my goal 8 minute miles? I beat that and finished my first 5k with a time of…..


did you see that?!

23 freaking 25!

I don’t know where that came from, but holy flipping cow!

I’m more than happy.

I haven’t seen actual results yet, so I don’t know where I placed at all, but I know I was ahead of the big pack. I would say top 100 maybe even top 50 overall.

I’m off to sleep and clean and prepare for this weekend. its going to get crazy!


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