Tuesday, July 12, 2011

where has the time gone?

geez…when I went to download pictures from my camera tonight I noticed I had pictures from the weekend of the 4th still.

on monday, july 4th, Hubby and I took another little hike.

Twogwotee and I completed this trail last fall…for some reason Hubby didn’t want to couldn’t go.


she was sooo little then!
it was hunting season…and I didn’t want some mid-westerner mistaking her for an elk.


loaded up the car and headed up the mountain.


puppy…to big puppy.


we had to post hole through some snow drifts.
that’s Gannett, we’re puppy (she’s 8, but a pup at heart) sitting for my family.


I truly feel blessed to call this my backyard.


at the top is a fire lookout. it is no longer in use, but very cool to see…and great views!

definitely NOT for people afraid of heights. it gives me the hibby jibbies…and I wouldn’t say I’m afraid of heights.


Twogs was a little better about the heights this time…not much, but a little.


It’s a little easier to have someone there to take pictures of you and your puppy...


…because if not…you’re kind of left to fend for yourself!


no lives were lost, no shoes were lost…just a little extra mud brought home.

we had a great time. Hubby was a little beat, but it was good for him.

we came home and did the typical 4th thing…went and watched fireworks, drank too much and then went off to sleep. Tuesday workday came bright and early.


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