Monday, October 17, 2011

my weekend in review

Hubby ended up coming home on Wednesday from his hunting/camping trip. unfortunately he was having issues with his hunting partner and just chose to come home. we decided to go hunting on thursday in a different area, but left late morning because I had a hair appointment.


surprise! I have bangs now. it’s a change, but I like it!

while I was at my hair appointment, Hubby went to get the horses since we decided to hunt from horseback.

we got out to our hunting area, unloaded and saddled the horses.


just giving her lovins’ so she behaves for the Hubby. I’m not brave enough to ride her just yet.


from the back of the boy.

we rode and rode. we ran into some other hunters that hadn’t seen anything and offered another trail where horses would be perfect since it was only a hiking trail and 4-wheelers weren’t allowed. we hit the top of the ridge and looked, but didn’t see anything. got in a good horse ride though.

on the way back into town I sort of decided that I wanted to go deer hunting so we went to a piece of land so I could shooting the Hubby’s rifles to make sure I could do it without killing myself. and I didn’t kill myself. phew.

we went and bought deer licenses that night. deer season was open in some areas already and opened in others on that saturday.

friday we slept in. then we went out bird hunting. Hubby did all the shooting. we ended up coming home with 3 birds. Jaggar got his first taste of bird hunting…and I think he likes it.


he has no problem putting the birds in his mouth. Twogs (our older golden) acts to good to put a dead animal in her mouth. typical girl!

friday night we went to the high school football game. it was homecoming and we also clinched home field advantage for the playoffs! the game got ugly quick. final score was 55-14…but in our favor.

saturday was EARLY! it was opening day on the mountain for deer and we were up before daylight. we were hiking into an area….along with about 50 other hunters (no seriously!) before the sun came up. we hiked for about an hour and didn’t see anything so we decided to move locations. we didn’t see an elk or deer dead or alive that day. we hunted all day.

we did end up seeing these fellas…


we actually saw a total of 5, but these two were right off the road. they must have known their season was closed.


we stopped to let the dogs out to play a little and then eat some lunch. at least we had nice weather.

after lunch we moved locations and decided to sit in an area were there was obvious deer sign.


I lasted all of 10 minutes maybe before I started to get cold. I’d rather be hiking. so we decided to head back to the truck and try up where Hubby said he saw some earlier that week during elk hunting.

surprise! we didn’t see anything.

hunting fail!


Jaggar thought hunting was hard work.

sunday we tried bird hunting again and about 10 minutes into hunting Jaggar started whining and crying really loudly. he wouldn’t walk on his back leg. he would try to put weight on it and continued to cry. we didn’t know what he did. so we hauled back into town and called the on call vet and told him the situation. Jaggar was improving slowly. he was putting more weight on it, so the vet didn’t feel it was necessary for us to bring him in, but it was our call. thankfully Jaggar is back to just about 100% today. we still don’t know what happened. we think he may have stretched a muscle or cramped. but he’s not dead and back to acting like a puppy thankfully. he goes in this friday for his 12 week appointment. anyone want to bet on what he weighs?

pretty eventful weekend. phew. I’m pooped just filling you in. Hubby goes back to work tonight for 3 nights and then we may try hunting a different area on his next days off.

trying to get my butt motivated to clean my house and go run. I have a race this weekend! yay! my parents are coming to town this weekend too! yay!


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