Monday, October 17, 2011

getting back into it

with it getting colder at nights (lows in the 20s and 30s) and staying cooler in the day time (highs in the 50s and 60s) I’ve been waiting until later in the days to do my runs.

today was a chilly one, but it was nice not to be overheating within the first 0.25 miles.

I never felt too hot this afternoon. I actually wished I had some gloves and possibly arm warmers.

it was windy. when I hit my first mile at sub 8 I knew I had the wind at my back and thought it was going to hurt coming back into the wind.

I’m slowly getting back into training, but definitely have a full schedule planned out. this will be my first week of running 3 days! yay…and then I’ll be up to a total of 9 miles this week. ooo big numbers there ashley! but you got to start somewhere when you’ve slacked off for a month.

todays 3 miles was suppose to be at a 8:45/mile average.

I ended up doing 3.25 at 8:17/mile. yeah…the wind MAY have helped…but I ran that mile #2 into the wind and still had a sub 8.

I hit the hill at mile 3…and that’s where I slowed up a little.

BUT get this. 2 weeks ago my legs KILLED up this particular hill. I would have to take multiple walk breaks up it….and guess who now runs up the WHOLE thing with a 9/mile average? this chick. AND no burning thighs.

feels pretty freaking great to dominate that hill!

tomorrow I get in the pool for my cross training. what? really ashley? really! I have decided to get in the pool during race weeks to give my legs a little rest….maybe….maybe the pool is more of a leg workout. I’ll report on that tomorrow!

I also get back on the lifting. yay! I truly believe that this has also helped my legs dominate these hills better.

currently I am watching the dogs play out back. quite the entertainment! Jag Man runs in the dog house…Twogs runs circles in the yard and Jaggar hides, then Twogs runs in the dog house and they bang around and then both dart out and run around then the above sequence is repeated.

I feel so exhausted tonight…totally random, but just thought I’d throw that out there!


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