Monday, November 7, 2011

monday monday monday

work was bright and early.

I didn’t have time to get my workout in this morning because it would have required me to be on the treadmill at 0530. no way jose!


this is new to me.
this whole looking dressy thing. and I honestly don’t even think I look that dressy.

I live in tshirts and jeans and ball caps all summer.

my boss said yesterday…”your goal should be to look better than the mannequin.”

might have some issues there. I’m not a size –1 and I don’t quite have the boobs they do. but I’ll do my best.

luckily I have a few cute outfits that hopefully will get me through working there. and thankfully I don’t work 7 days a week. I’d run out of clothes.

I’m working as a part-time sales associate at our local maurices. so come visit and let me pick out some super cute outfits for you!

this nice part is I can wear jeans. cute, skinny jeans. no hooker boots though. my feet might kill me!

after work breezed by in 4 hours I came home to this.


pooped puppy.

Hubby went bird hunting with the kids this morning. didn’t see any birds. but wore out the pups. I don’t think Jaggar has moved all afternoon.

On Hubby’s adventure to trashper this past week he came home bearing gifts.


he got me some new long sleeve running gear. this jacket is suppose to be “yoga” but I used it to wear to the gym. fit perfectly. super comfy.


even had a cute design on the sleeve. Hubby shopping success. he wanted to wait until christmas, but was too excited to wait. and had all sorts of excuses to give them to me now!

we went to the gym and cranked out some miles. I was scheduled to do 4 miles at a 8:15/mile pace. after I thought I was going to die on saturday at a 8:20/mile pace I didn’t know if I was going to survive. but I did! running success.

remember yesterday when I said I hoped to have some great news today?

well I do!

personal trainer

I got signed up to take the personal trainer certification. the beginning to a 5 year plan I’ve started. with a little help from the parents.

while I was taking care of Mom this past week she said…”if this is something you really want to do…I’ll pay for it as a birthday present!” twist my arm! I registered today. I should be able to access my stuff tomorrow and get my books in 5 days. I’m so freaking excited! I can’t wait! in 10 short weeks I’ll be kicking some booty!

here are some fun pictures of the pups on the way to the gym. thankfully they don’t jump out!


don’t mind the dirty windows. nose prints are kind of permanent around our house and vehicles!


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