Thursday, November 10, 2011

bird hunting success.

have you entered my giveaway?

obviously not. I’ve only had one entry. and that was a phone entry from my mom.

she might win by default!

last night I went to work for a whopping 3 hours.

while I was working though some of this was occurring at my house.


and apparently some “aunt eddie, jag man time”


sister is here visiting for a few days with her boyfriend.

then they’re off to trashper for the weekend.


Hubby says “we have a dead Jaggar.”
Twogs is obviously very concerned.
he was just that stinkin’ tired.

we were all up bright and early this morning for some bird hunting.

a certain someone doesn’t like their picture taken.


my trick is just to take enough pictures…eventually you’ll get one decent one.


Hubby and his little worker bees.

the “kids” worked their little tails off (no pun intended, but Twogs may not have any fur left on her tail after we get done cutting all the cockaburs out of it)!

they hunted so hard and even managed to flush some birds.

it was just the people with guns that weren’t doing a very good job.


I wasn’t one of them. I was the “picture taker”, “walk in that nasty brush that even the dogs won’t go in because there might just be a bird in there”, person.


this might be the last picture of my holding my little man.

we tried a few drainages and never saw any birds. so then we walked another drainage and Twogs flushed a few grouse. the boys didn’t connect. so we kept moving.

occasionally we’d flush a bird, but no one would connect.

we were walking this thick stuff and I look in and see a little head.

“STOP! there’s birds.” I round Twogs up and send her in to flush. amazingly she listened and flushed these grouse. the boys might have connected. I never saw birds flush or get shot…just heard them flapping their wings and obviously the gun shots.  I could still see grouse in there.  so I sent Twogs in after them again. and again more flushed! more shots were taken, boys yelling, birds falling. probably a total of 10 birds came out. out of 3 guns shooting (sister shot once just because her bf was yelling at her too. peer pressure is a bitch!) 4 birds were killed. 40%. that’s a F average. no bueno. Winking smile

after that group was gone I went back to get the car and the guns continued down drainage.

they ended up hitting another group of birds with 4 birds and 2 were killed. ooooo 50% moving up. BUT the most exciting part was my sister killed her first bird. hopefully this is a good omen for deer hunting tomorrow.


the group kept going and flushed one last bird and managed to kill it. ended the day on 100% group shot!


they had to walk back to the car because my battery died. guess its time to get a new battery.


overall 7 birds made it to the freezer today! yay!

the grouse may still be too big for the little boys mouth. but couple more days weeks and he should have no problem fetching them!

deer hunting tomorrow. hopefully not another epic fail!


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