Wednesday, November 9, 2011

my very first giveaway!

we’re going to play a game.

and the winner…will…win…


know that logo?

I’m giving away a starbucks gift card!

(starbucks is not providing me with this. I am paying for this card all myself!)

the way to enter.

the little boy, Jaggar, has his 4 month appointment NEXT friday (11/18).

guess what his weight will be!

the person that comes to closest, without going over, will win!

a little background.

at 8 weeks the little boy weighed 13 lbs.


a 12 weeks the little boy weighed 26 lbs.


so. there ya have it!

get to guessing! Smile

I will pick the winner on friday the 18th after his appointment!

please share this giveaway via tweeting, facebooking, your blog, and where ever else possible.

and…if you share in multiple spots you earn another guess! so if you share in 3 different spots…3 extra guesses! just let me know your initial guess in the comments and then leave additional comments and guesses on where you shared this giveaway!

happy guessing!

love the little Jaggar bug!


AubreyLaine said...Best Blogger Tips

littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

Chrissy said...Best Blogger Tips

I think he will weigh 38 pounds.

Chrissy said...Best Blogger Tips

I tweeted because I want to guess again so I'm going to guess that he will weigh 40 pounds...if somebody guesses 39 and that's right I will be bummed!

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