Saturday, November 19, 2011

NROLFW stage 1 review

who needs the gym when you can use your puppy?


need to work on my form, I know. Winking smile
making weird faces totally helps lift weights!

thursday I finally completed stage 1 of NROLFW!


I really enjoyed going to the gym and knowing what I needed to lift.
its much more efficient for me. no more wandering around and just doing whatever.
plus, it gives me visual improvement. numbers increasing!

I feel stronger. I feel like I have more muscle definition in my arms and shoulders (I was admiring this in the shower this morning).

I also loved the fact that even though I was doing the same moves. I felt sore the next day. when I completed the final stage on thursday I felt like there was NO WAY I would be sore on friday. surprise! I was. my ass and glutes. score! I love feeling sore.

by the time I was hitting the 7th and 8th workouts of each workout (A,B) I was getting bored. I almost dreaded lifting days.
so I’m very excited to be moving onto the next stage.

looks like Hubby is required to go to the gym tomorrow so he can help me with the moves!

you want to see my numbers? ok, but don’t laugh in my face.

remember…my arms are only so big!


I’m happy with the numbers increase.

on the step up and lunges I had 2 dumbbells of that weight.
in the book, the last workout of each one (A and B) there was only suppose to be 2 reps of 8, but I didn’t notice that until I was on workout B and almost done with it. so I said the hell with it and finished out the 3 reps.

onto stage 2! yay!

I busted out 6 miles this morning with an 8:20/ mile pace. I really wanted to run outside. but I don’t really feel like I’m prepared (mentally or have the proper clothes) to run in single digits temperatures and below 0 wind chills. plus the roads are still snow covered and icy.

hopefully next saturday I can get my 7 miles done outside!

and then the following week…a 10k in moab, ut!


Jen said...Best Blogger Tips

Awesome workout! It's great that you can already see a change in your arms! Very cool!

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