Monday, November 21, 2011

a family tradition.

this morning I went to the gym, but forgot an important item.


I forgot to change them from last nights pair.

I refused to come back to the house to get them.

I ran in these.


I’m totally convinced they helped me complete my speediest 4 miles yet! Winking smile
mondays are always saved for speed miles.
I shoot for negative splits.

I have been having IT band issues.

it usually hurts post run and walking around the day after. but never hurts during my run. so I have yet to give up. just been icing and heating and foam rolling like crazy.

yesterday, Hubby, I and the dogs headed up the hill to get our christmas tree.

my family has always pulled trees off national forest lands, and we usually do this during thanksgiving week.

Hubby has to work turkey day and I work the days after. so yesterday was the perfect day for us.

it was also super gorgeous out. although it was below 0 in town…but nice on the mtn.


we hike around the woods looking for the perfect tree.

when you think you’ve found it you have to shake all the snow off.


this one was a little too tall.


we found two good ones. I told Hubby to cut down the one I thought I liked best.


the dogs were just happy to be out of the house!


which one?


we stuck with the one that we had already cut down.


Hubby dragging it back to the truck. and proof he does most of the work. Smile with tongue out


me and my kids.

very successful day! couldn’t have been better!

now I’m gearing up for work this week. its going to be long and tiring.
somehow I need to fit in my training. and my studies. I might have some long nights. aww…brings back college memories.


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