Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I almost forgot.

yesterday was grocery shopping day. while we were there I had to get some christmas paper to write the yearly christmas card. I came across some little cheap stockings and figured it was time the kids got their own stockings.


I put the year of their first christmas on them. cute, no?

that’s about as crafty as I can get. woo hoo!

The kids were so worn out. Twogs put herself to bed probably around 730 last night. Jaggar spent some quality “Daddy, Jag Man time.”


gosh. he’s getting so big.

I was so excited about the whole personal trainer certification yesterday that I forgot about what I got in the mail!

(do you see the Twogee tail?)

I got new running shoes! and they’re pink!

my current pair isn’t anywhere close to being retired, BUT I plugged in some numbers and they’ll be getting close to the time I’m scheduled to run the Canyonlands Half Marathon in march. so I figured I’d find some before they were all gone (since saucony has discontinued the style I wear).

I’ll slowly incorporate them into training so they’re broke in before the half.

today is lift and pool day. yay! I’m really excited to get in the pool again.


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