Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hubby’s pride and joy

look who seems to get bigger by the minute these days?


on the left…6 weeks.
on the right…14 weeks.

he’s growing so fast. I swear some days he’s grown over night.

he’s going to be one big boy. only 2 more weeks to the 4 month check up where we may be pushing 40 lbs. yikes! I don’t think Twogs hit 40 lbs until she was closer to 6 months old.

he’s turning into quite the little boy though. he’s more mellow than his sister is now and ever was at the same age. he’s just a little love bug.

when we spend time snuggling, aka, “mommy, jag man time” it is my favorite. he just lays on your chest. although this special time is going to have to be moved to the floor very soon and he won’t be laying on my chest anymore.

don’t worry…we have” Mommy, Twogee time” too. usually occurs AFTER Jaggar has been put in his bed (he sleeps in the crate…I call it the box) and when Daddy is at work. she knows that she’s allowed to sleep on the bed when Dad isn’t home, but when Dad is home, she sleeps on the floor…but always somehow manages to be snuggling with me in the bed by morning. hm?

Hubby got home tonight! YAY!

I don’t know who Hubby was more excited to see…me or the pups. the pups were super excited. I swear they didn’t leave his side until we forced them to.

Hubby was gone for a few days in the town of traspher. unfortunately his last living grandparent passed away.

I was unable to make the funeral. I am very sad to see him go, but very happy that he’s not suffering anymore.

Hubby treated me to dinner since we hadn’t seen each other since wednesday.

I had left my phone at home and when I got back I checked it. my mom had sent me a message asking if I had all my finger and toe nails left. hm? that only could mean one thing today…my packers must have come close to losing. good thing I wasn’t home. I was already yelling at the tv enough when they were up by 14. have no fear. they pulled out the W.

after we got home from dinner Hubby immediately started a project.
and thankfully finished.


there aren’t any dead animals hanging from our walls. this is actually the first set of antlers, besides sheds and the little 2 point that I found dead, that either one of us have ever killed. he never asked permission to put them up (as I’m assuming most husbands do) but when I received the picture of the dead deer when he first shot it I kind of figured they’d be hanging sooner or later. and I’m ok with them. they’re kind of cute.


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