Sunday, January 16, 2011

complete insanity?

Hey ya'll!

Maybe its more like Hey Janae (since you're still my solo follower).

I've been really doing nothing, and I seriously mean NOTHING productive since the hubby and I returned from our little birthday trip surprise. Its all kind of new to me. I have been managing to go to the gym every morning and then again at night when the hubby gets off of work. I have moved from the bike to doing the elliptical and walking with a weight bag on the treadmill. I'm most definitely no where near close to running a couple miles on the treadmill. I hate those things. I average 30-40 mintutes in the morning with cardio and then another 10-20 minutes of abs. That's really all I want...a nice set of abs! At night when Hubby goes, he has a little workout buddy and I just do my own thing. Usually I find some sporting event on TV and just zone out and the time on the treadmill seems to fly by.

Tomorrow starts a new adventure....or maybe at least re-trying an adventure. You've all heard of P90X? Well...I tried that about a year ago. It was ok. I got super frustrated with the "yoga" portion because I'm not flexible at all...and 90 minutes of moves that I can't do...I struggled through 30 days before I came down with a nasty cold...and the P90X adventure came to a halt. I knew it wasn't something I wanted to purchase (I had a friend that own the program so I just gave it a test run :)). As I was browsing through commercials one day (shortly after I recovered from being sick last year) I came across a program called "Insanity." I watched the little infomercial. And thought "that looks fun, and I can do that! Not that insane yoga crap. Count me in!" So I ordered away. And I started the program as soon as I got it in the mail. It was super challenging, but I felt good after I was done. I have to say...I LOVE INSANITY. It definitely kicks your cardio and strength into great shape without all the extras of lifting weight, or bands. Its just you and your own body weight. The other major difference between this and P90X...Insanity is shorter DVD times and only 60 days instead of 90. I did this program for about 40 days, but then was faced with a tough decision and hit a rough patch in my personal life and lost all motivation for working out.

Since going to the gym everyday is going well. I've decided that I'm going to start Insanity again with hopes of getting a little more muscle tone. I refused to lift weights at the gym when I go, just because I honestly feel like...I don't really lift enough weight to matter. Plus, I don't want to gain a bunch of weight from lifting weights....I just want a little tone/definition in myself.

Insanity has. 5 DVDs that are done Monday-Saturday. I really do have that special calendar hanging on the wall in the living room that tells me what DVD to do what day. Day 1 is considered a "fit test." They go through 8 moves. You do 1 move for a minute and see your max reps. Repeat for each move. You do the fit test every (about) 15 days. Its nice to see the improvements...even if you can't see it in your body image.

Hubby has decided to attempt Insanity with me also. He already did his fit test. I was there, on the couch, cheering him on. :)

Did I also mention...the people IN the DVD are dying right along with you? Its great! They've been through the program...and still struggle with some moves. So they aren't like "super-people" who make you feel like a dumbass when you're struggling to do some moves.

I'm really excited to start the program. I'm praying I make it through the whole program. My still go to the gym every morning and do my normal routine. Then, come home and do Insanity immediately (remember: I'm currently unemployed). And still go to the gym with the hubby if and when he still goes. After all we are still paying for a membership and its nice to have some variety.

I'll be sure to update with the fit test results...that is if I'm not completely embarrassed by the initial results!


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