Thursday, January 20, 2011

have no fear... I'm still alive!

I continue to breathe oxygen!

I know you are were worried about me. Since you knew I was starting insanity and knew right and well that I could had you worried.

I have actually survived 4 days of pure insanity. AND (!) I'm still managing to go to the gym and do my normal routine there every morning. Hubby hasn't been going to the gym at nights, because he wants to give it everything he can on insanity (my feeling, not confirmed or denied by him). You see...his schedule...he works 8am-8pm (currently) and so if he doesn't get up and do insanity before work (he did this yesterday. I was so proud.) Then he does it when he gets home at night, BUT roughly 45 minutes of insanity quickly makes the night turn into past bedtimes. And to think if you added on another hour or so AT the gym...he would be lucky to get to bed before midnight.

Fit test time. I about died! I remember it being slightly easier the last time I did this. But I'm connecting that to the fact that I was attempting P90X a few weeks prior to when I started insanity. I made it through the fit test...not with results I expected. I honestly thought I was in better shape than I felt while I was doing the test. I've been pushing myself for the past 4 days to do my best during the workouts. Hubby and I did one together on Tuesday (our living room isn't exactly ideal size for 2 people to do insanity...but we made it work. Yesterday Hubby was at work all day, and he got up before work and completed his workout because he knew he wasn't going to have anytime after work. So I busted out insanity alone...unless you consider the puppy thinking I was playing and was jumping around with me a workout partner?? Today was considered the recovery day. Slower movements, more stretching ("yoga-ish" moves I can actaully do!) and breathing. I think I would rather do the Pure Cardio (15 minutes straight of 15 moves that definitely take your heart rate to another level) rather than recovery. It just simply burns...squats and lunges! OW! I also have learned that I don't have very strong shoulders (I'll take that into consideration when I'm wandering the gym for some weight to lift).

Tomorrow is PURE CARDIO day! Yay! :)

I'm off for some quality snuggle time with Remi Roo.


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