Wednesday, January 5, 2011

birthday surprises!

Aron and I were off on our next surprise destination on the morning of the 3rd. I had a hunch we were headed south to Thermopolis, WY. And I was right when we pulled into the hotel parking lot. I got pretty suspicious when we went to lunch and Hubby order a healthy sandwich. I knew someone else was a long for the ride on this trip.


One of my BFFs drove from Casper to stay a night with us! She spent the 3rd with us and half of the day on the 4th! I can't thank her enough for making the 2 hour drive!

We spent the afternoon of the 3rd at the hot springs pool lounging and relaxing. I love soaking in the "lobster pot" at 104 degrees. Sure soothes those sore muscles.

This is Hubby's token appetizer. I think he only orders crab stuffed mushrooms because he doesn't have to worry about me eating any of them.

We enjoyed a dinner and drinks at the Safari Club inside the Days Inn.

We even had a bunch of dinner guests with free entertainment.

After dinner on the 3rd, we tried to go bowling but they actually had leagues in this little town. So we went back to the hotel and just relaxed. We did, however order room service! First time for any of us.

We got a holiday package with the hotel which included a bottle of champagne.

We went for another dip on the morning of the 4th had some lunch and then it was time for the BFF to head back to Casper (insert sad face). Hubby had set up a nice relaxing hot rock massage for me in the afternoon. I went to my massage and then he had one right after. I went back to the room to relax from my massage while he was getting his. I walked into the room, walked around the corner...

My mom and sister had come down for the afternoon! I was slightly frightened when they yelled "surprise!" and quickly determined....I would need another massage. They came with a cake. So while Hubby was getting pampered...we ate cake. Once he was done we headed over to the hot springs to soak one more time! They had to come back to town, because Mom actually has a job.

Hubby and I spent dinner together and a relaxing evening alone in the hotel room. It was a perfect ending to a great 25th birthday surprise!

We came back to Cody this morning and will be heading back to Sheridan tomorrow morning. Before we get into Sheridan though Hubby is taking me snowshoeing once more! Yay!

We'll probably spend Friday veg-ing out, cleaning up the house and getting passports ordered for our anniversary trip to the Bahamas in May!


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