Friday, December 31, 2010

Sleeping Giant

Today was all about the slopes...and staying warm!

Little sister and I are ready to head out and carve some turns.

My whole family stays safe and warm with each one of us wearing helmets!

I'll admit...I had said before we got out of the truck to NOT buy me a lift ticket yet, because I wasn't sure I was wanting to ski. As we left town the truck thermometer started out at 0 and ended at -14 when we pulled into the parking lot. I wasn't exactly thrilled about being there. But my family talked me into it and I'm glad I decided to take some runs. I stayed pretty warm and as soon as I got cold we would head to the lodge to warm the fingers and toes.

It helped to have some hot cocoa!

It was a gorgeous day on the hill. I have never skied Sleeping Giant. It's not a big resort, but if it wasn't for these little resorts, kids would never learn to ski. It was a clear and sunny day. We got to see some pretty country.

If this country wasn't filled with a grizzly encounter at every mile...I would think seriously about wanting to do some backpacking in the summer months to get a closer look. BUT...I'm not really that brave when it comes to grizzly bears!

We stayed on the hill til just about 1...and the parking lot was still not full. I think the cold temperatures had something to do with that.

Hubby unfortunately had to stay home because of his multiple knee surgeries from this past year. But, he had the house nice and toasty and the chili was not burned. So he did his job for the day.

I can now say that I have skied Sleeping Giant!


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