Thursday, December 30, 2010


I feel very blessed to have the adventure from today!

We (Mom, Dad, Hubby, and myself) drove up the North Fork towards the East Entrance to Yellowstone National Park. This time of year there are big horn sheep all over because the snow pushes them down to lower elevations during the winter months. When we visit my family we always take a drive and check out the animals. Every trip is was just a little extra special. ;)
This is a pretty brand new little one. He was coughing and sneezing the whole time we sat and watched this group. Don't worry we determined that he wasn't sick or dying...he just had something stuck in his throat.

We continued up the road a little bit and came to the next group and found two males sizing each other up. They must have planned it this way, because there was a pull out right across from them on the highway. We sat there for about an hour watching them "knock heads" (totally awesome) and do their ritual. The ritual is quite interesting and may vary on the rams. They stand apart from each other and stare each other down. Then one ram will walk across and sniff the other and kick it a little (doesn't happen all the time) and then the one being sniffed will walk away and turn around. This is where the action begins! They raise up on their hind legs and lunge towards each other knocking skulls with an incredible amount of force. This might be a once in a lifetime experience. The sound that comes off of the "knocking heads" is just incredible. Dad and Mom spent a lot of time trying to time the perfect picture of the heads fully knocking, but where unsuccessful with the first 2 rams. There was a lot of faking out on the rams' part. But then Mom figured out how to change her fancy camera into "quick picture taking" mode.

We drove up the river to where the road was closed and then came back to these rams and they had actually moved up the hill a little and had another ram join them.

This time there wasn't so much "ritual." Basically they struck at any moment and you had to be ready! I credit Dad with these next shots!

the beginning

the middle

the end!

We watched these 3 go at it for about another 30-45 minutes.

Once they were down "arguing" about dominance....they headed up the hill where their audience sat this entire time. Including another ram (you can see him laying down).

We came home and had to take little Remi Roo to the vet. 75 bucks later we determined she has kitty acne, and we were given some antibiotics to help clean it up.

My family is heading the Sleeping Giant tomorrow, which is the little ski area up the North Fork. Luckily Hubby brought along my ski bag, but guess I will have to rent skis...BUT...I opened my ski bag and had new mittens! I couldn't remember if I bought them and put them in there or what. It was finally revealed that Hubby bought them for me LAST YEAR and was going to give them to be, but he forgot where he put them...right up until I pulled them out of my bag. Ooops. Surprise to me!

I can't wait until tomorrow. Sad news is Hubby can't join because of his knee surgery he had in October. The physical therapist doesn't want him on the slopes until next year. :( Guess he'll get to stay home and watch the puppies and football without me.


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