Thursday, December 16, 2010

i really did it?

holy canoly! I can't believe I actually started a blog. Weird. I think I've got a lot to learn and play with to get it all down. We'll see where this blog takes me....I know exactly where I'll be next week as I enter unemployment...the library to be able to have internet access. I'm not fully sure that my blog really has a theme. Probably more just going to be trials and tribulations of adventures. CRAP! I've already ran out of stuff to say...this can't be a good thing for my first official blog post.


The Hungry Runner Girl said...Best Blogger Tips

HAHA!!! I am so excited and I am your first follower wahoo! You go girl:)

ashe said...Best Blogger Tips

I'm excited too! I have a follower! :)

nmkids said...Best Blogger Tips

You need to take a road trip to pick up Danno, then you will have lots of stuff for your blog!! :>)

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