Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the great snowshoe

Our FIRST great adventure together included a little trip into the Bighorns to test out some new snowshoes we both received for Christmas!
Yes, this is the hubby. He always looks like he's having that much fun.

It was our first time on snowshoes. My family all got them a while back, but when I was asked if I wanted some I declined. I wasn't into the nature and hiking back then. For some job has drastically changed that feeling!

As you can see from the dusts of powder...Hubby definitely had a learning curve on them. Just kidding...he goofs off like this all the time. He was a giant white marshmallow when he was done pretending he didn't know what he was doing.
This is our famous "foot shot." Maybe more proof that we were actually snowshoeing.

We went roughly a mile back on the trail until it dead ended. These trails are groomed every so often during the winter and primarily used as cross-country ski trails. BUT...these trails allow puppies!
We all stopped for lunch/snack after we had reached the end of the trail. My parents brought a jetboil (greatest camping invention EVER!) and we had enough gas to make one cup of hot cocoa to share amongst all of us. We even managed to take some time to take a group shot! It only took 3 tries!
I guess Twogwotee thought she was top dog and HAD to be in the "practice shot."
Here's the real deal!
We had a very gorgeous day...minus the hum of snowmobiles in the back ground. Thankfully this area is closed off to the machines and we didn't have to worry about them zipping past us at 60 mph and spinning us around like you see in the cartoons. We were blessed with a little sunshine after our lunch stop.
This is only day 1 of my secret adventure. I'm not allowed to ask questions. I'm only along for the ride. My birthday is coming up on the 4th and this is all Hubby's plan. Except...I knew we were going snowshoeing! Can't wait to see what the next 9 days have coming!


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