Thursday, December 16, 2010


Just figured out something pretty great...I can keep you updated from the comfort of my house and the familiarity of my blackberry. So when it becomes a complete blizzard outside next month I don't have to bundle up to go to the library. Only downfall uploading of pictures possible from the crackberry.

On the eve of my pending unemployment I find myself surprisingly very calm and relaxed. Give me a week or two and that will most definitely not be the case. Not only am I sure to be getting a case of cabin fever, but also I'll be pretty broke.

Earlier today, a co-worker asked me what exactly is a blog. I tried to find the correct way to explain it. Yes, its a journal...but also can be a great place to share training ideas, recipes, motivational messages. Mine will probably more consist of a continuous Christmas letter. You know how this time of year you have a special list of people and you write 1 letter to send out and summarize all your updates in the past year into 1 page...mine sometimes go a little long into 2 pages. So...that's kind of my "theme" if I have to pick year-long Christmas letter!


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