Friday, December 24, 2010

new tires?

The hubby and I took the trek over the hill today to my parent's house to spend Christmas surrounded by family. It was seeming to go very smooth and harmless. I had asked him to pull over at a turn off on the mountain so we could let the puppy out to run a little while. Let me remind you...the road was snow packed in spots, but mostly dry. There is snow in EVERY turn out, and some of them are pretty deep as they aren't used very frequently in the winter months. We see a perfect pull out, nice and big. Plenty of room for a little 8-month old to romp to her little hearts content. He pulls off and just continues into the open area. I begin to think...this looks more like a spot for snowmobiles and NOT a Subaru Outback. You guessed it. Next I knew...we were stuck! I had to laugh, but then when I realized it might take us a while to get out...I got a little mad. Luckily my husband knows what he's doing and we were only stuck for maybe 30 minutes at most. I was praying someone would stop by and pull us out, but I was also praying NO one would drive by and see we where stuck. Conclusion that we came to...looks like I'm getting a new set of shoes on my car for my birthday.

We made it to Cody with plenty of time to spare. Had great roads along the way. Pretty boring trip...except for when we had our minor set back. But the hubby and I managed to not even yell at each other...he did his thing and I just watched.

All the family (parents, sister, grandparents and uncle) made it safely and are getting ready to settle in for a nice peaceful night. Tomorrow is Jesus' birthday!


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