Sunday, June 2, 2013

deadwood, sd

today is sunday. I ran half marathon #6 this morning.
we’ll get to that in a minute whenever.

Hubby wasn’t able to join me this weekend, so my mom graciously came with to be my support crew. THANK YOU MOM!

she came over to sheridan on friday night and we loaded in the car saturday morning.

the drive over was uneventful. lots of water was drank and only a few potty stops.

we made it into deadwood nice and early. had no problems picking up my packet and wandering around the expo briefly.

we did a dry run of the course start for my half. the original plan was to have my mom drop me off at the start so I would have somewhere warm to sit until the start. then when we determined that we didn’t initially find the start I decided I would just ride the bus. since this was my first year doing this race I wasn’t totally sure how the starting area really worked. so the bus was the plan. then we drove to make sure we could find where the buses would be. found that easy enough.

we proceeded to downtown deadwood.


there is a lot of history that comes along with deadwood. it was amazing to see how this town is set up too. basically it’s a town of 1100 people shoved in a canyon. houses built on the hillsides, no real parking or yards. there is obviously no rangeland. a fire threatened the town a few years ago and you can see the old fire scar on the hills surrounding deadwood.

we walked the streets. I was kind of chilly with the brisk wind in the air so I bought a sweatshirt.

gambling is HUGE in deadwood. people vacation to deadwood to gamble.


mom and I sat down at a few machines. I lost my money real quick and then she lost hers also. we moved on.

we went into another casino and they had video poker. sat down, played a little then i moved to another machine.

what’s funny. this next machine….no joke I have a app for. it was just a slot machine so no strategy to it. just push how much you want to bet and spin.

I ended up winning 70 bucks! wahoo!

so I paid for the 30 dollar sweatshirt I bought! Winking smile




I would love to bring my Hubby back for the history…not the gambling. we’ve never been big gamblers.




we had a rough go getting dinner in this town. most of the places were 90 minute waits. one place actually seated us. brought us water. took our order and then came back 30 minutes later and ask if he had taken our order already. needless to say we didn’t stay after that. subway ended up being the pre-race meal for the night. we were both so frustrated.

we found the finish line area. with some photo ops.





same company runs both races I’m running. and I figured since I’m doing 26.2 might as well make it a “CRAZY” one. see you in october crazy horse.

we got tucked into our hotel and snuggled into bed about 930. I was out like a light in no time. slept pretty well actually and even managed to wake up before my alarm was scheduled to go off at 0500.

I’ll have the race recap tomorrow. right now….I just want a nap.


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