Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I’d be happy if….

….for 18 weeks I got to run with speed demon M once a week!

she’s fast. I haven’t ran with my garmin with her yet, but everytime we run together I feel like I get my ass ran into the ground. and I love it!

we looked at our schedules after or team run last week and set a time to run that would work for both of us.

I grabbed twogs and met her at the gym around 1100.


we headed out on the running paths through town.


the creek through town is running really high right now.

we had a serious thunderstorm roll through last night and kicked it up a notch. summer has arrived!


twogs did a fabulous job as always….once she gets going in her groove. it always takes one or two blocks for her to settle in.


I did have a picture of the three of us, but it was so horribly blurry I deleted it. Next time M, next time!

we finished our little jaunt in probably 30 minutes and I was a hot, sweaty, dying mess when we got back to the gym.


twogs was wiped out too. she took a nice afternoon nap. she’s getting better. I’m also trying to dedicate taking her for a run once a week. we’ll see once my miles start to build.

I’ve got another 3 to dominate tomorrow and thought about attempting to take chocolate dog with me to run off some of her energy.


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