Thursday, June 20, 2013

I don’t always get up early…

….but when I do…

I’m running or
training at the gym or
leaving on a jet plane to somewhere.

today it was for a run!

Hubby had to head out early to check the horse who still has stitches in his face and so I figured he could drop me off on the same county road I ran on sunday and then he could come around and pick me up at the end of the road.

I was on the run by 615. the sun was already up. there was a perfect chill in the air but I had no problem warming up in no time.


all 3 dogs got to go this time which I love. no one gets left back at the barn!



it is turning out to be a gorgeous day here in northern wyoming.

if anyone ever wants to lace up and come with me, you’re always welcome!

Hubby met us at 3.5 miles and I had 4 to do. at about mile 3 the road turns to pavement and gets a little more traffic so he picked up the dogs and I finished out my last half a mile.


running always makes me so happy….even though sleeping in sounded fabulous this morning I’m so happy I didn’t stay in bed!

we got home right after 7 and hubby was off to work for the day.

I had time to shower and even cleaned bathrooms this morning. amazing what I actually get accomplished when I’m done with a run by 7!


my little team of runners! exhausted but would have kept going had I let them.

3 more miles to travel tomorrow and then the weekend is here!


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