Saturday, June 15, 2013

crazy horse training week 3

sunday as you know I just couldn’t find it in my body to do the 5 miles I had scheduled.

so I traded them in for cross training and set out on monday.

they went well. I explored some more of the running pathways in town and found a nice flat and fast 5 mile route. although flat and fast is not exactly what I need for this training cycle, but I’ll take it right now.

M, from the gym, had asked me to go for a run with her on tuesday and I felt so tempted to but knew if I did…it would equal 5 days in a row for running and I just don’t think my body is ready for that. so I took tuesday off. stretched and rolled.

while I was feeling froggy I did sign up for another race. according to my little training plan I made I was needing a half marathon around the end of July. I found an 8 and 16 mile trail run close to home the exact weekend. my first thought was to do the 8 and add 5, but then I wanted a challenge! I went big a registered for the 16 miler.


so I am asking for a little bit of course support from my casper friends! be there or be square!

wednesday though, M, Twogwotee and me went for a fabulous late morning run. it wasn’t extremely hot, but it was super humid which made it a little toasty.

thursday was another 3 miles dominated early in the morning with chocolate dog! she was a joy to have on my run and I totally look forward to taking her more.

I have twogs to exercise one day and sibley to exercise the next. perfect combo to keep me accountable for hitting my weekly mileage.

I feel like in the winter I wait all day for the sun to poke out and warm up the air and in the summer I am up at the butt crack of dawn to get my run in before it does warm up. maybe I need to move to a mild climate? I might just go crazy without the snow though. is there ever a happy medium? too hot. too cold. too rainy, snowy or icy. too many excuses that you can’t (and I won’t) let stop you!

friday morning I was greated with heavy legs. my calves were tight when I crawled out of bed, but it felt good to loosen them up on my run. I could tell my legs were heavy because I kept tripping over my toes in the first 3/4 of a mile. I finally broke out about a mile and a half in, but knew they had to be slower miles.

nonetheless I got my 3 miles done in timely fashion. I even managed to get back to the gym and stretch AND foam roll AND lift a little leg weight!

here in sheridan we have the bighorn trail run.

thursday we had the 100 milers check in and pick up bibs. they started their race friday morning at 11am. and then on friday all the 50 milers, 50K and 30K checked in. it definitely gave me the race buzz. I wanted to be a part of it so bad. I wanted to be racing. not working. maybe next year. I think the girls at work have a pool going of when I’ll attempt the 100 mile. I want to do the 50 mile. it would be cool to do. maybe with a couple more full marathons under my belt. I have one this fall. I want to do the utah valley marathon next june. and then maybe I’ll just get crazy enough to do the 50 mile in 2015.

saturday was another rest day. quiet day at the shoe store.

now….onto what’s to come!

sunday-6 miles (which may be 8 on a trail in preparation for my 16 mile trail run)
monday-cross training. I have a workout that I have been dying to try. my boss at the gym made it for one of her classes and then I put some of my clients through a similar version so I’m ready to try it on monday!
tuesday-rest day
wednesday-3 miles. M and I have already made plans to run together.
thursday-4 miles
friday-3 miles
saturday-rest day (and I teach fit camp at the gym)

I’m totally ready to increase mileage on my weekday runs. I’m excited to start changing up the scenery. maybe some high elevation runs on the mountain is what I’m hoping for in the next few weeks.

later gators!


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