Sunday, June 9, 2013

I could of used a nap (or two)

this weekend has been non stop.

too much fun to be had and not enough sleep.

saturday I worked, but my mind was stuck on the biggest redneck event of the year. MONSTER TRUCKS.

it’s something to do other than going to bed at 8pm on a saturday night. although an 8pm bed time is much more productive for the following day.

right after I got off at 5 I came home and changed into slightly warmer clothes. hubby and I grabbed quick bite and headed up to the fairgrounds.



there was a total of 4 monster trucks and they maybe they were in the arena for 20 minutes tops. that’s like $1/minute. sounds like were got out money worth.

they also had motorcross….dirt bikes, quads, side by sides. for the most part it was pretty normal.

then one of the side by sides tipped over. doink!


later in the night one of the other side by sides flipped over on its top. got good use of the roll bars.

no one was seriously injured.

the whole monster trucks started at 730 and got over at 1100.




as I crawled into bed I set my alarm to accomplish my 5 mile run this morning before it got too hot. but someone how i knew it wasn’t going to happen. my body just wasn’t liking the late night. and even though I got over 8 hours of sleep I couldn’t quite recover.

this is no bueno. we’re only a week into marathon training and I’m already compromising my training plan. oh boy.

a lot two of these from the night before


lead to one of these the morning after


to get my body started.

we’re just thankful that starbucks is open. this last week someone drove into it. literally.

hubby and I went and loaded up the horses and took them to go rope and ride.


hubby has been practicing his roping….and I’ve just been practicing not getting bucked off. damn you spring! damn you green grass! damn you winter!

again the horses were feeling froggy, but no one was tossed from the back of their horse or the side.

it was a perfect day to be out. we rode for and 2 hours and then called it quits to get out of the heat of the day.

we got home around 4ish. did some minor yard work and then went to finish watching the rockies game. we both managed to watch with our eyes closed and ears open.

I figured I would find motivation to run this afternoon…I always seem to. but today its just not happening. I just want to crawl into bed and sleep until morning.

I’ve got workouts to make. workout clothes to find (I’m trading in my cross training day tomorrow for my 5 miles). a kitchen to clean. clothes to fold. clothes to wash. fur kids to cuddle.  I’m sure only the first two and last one will happen in the next hour and then I’m crawling into bed.

see you all on the flip side!


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